Photographing Dogs


Is it just me or have cats completely taken over the internet? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a feline friend but I am definitely more of a dog person when it comes down … Read More

Attention Lousy Pet Photographers In The NY Tri State Area – Do You Want To Be On TV?


Please pass this along to your friends and share this with your facebook friends, your twitter friends and everybody you know that can benefit from this great opportunity! I received an email today: Hi HART! We … Read More

PetLvrs Pet Halloween Costume Contest – Update 1


Win CASH with PetLvr’s 2008 Pet Halloween Costume Contest | Entries As of October 17, 2008 … * I now have 20 “official entries” for the PetLvr’s 2008 Pet Halloween Costume Contest which I am giving … Read More

How to Photograph Your Horse


By Ron Petracek A good photograph portrays your horse in his best possible light. A bad photograph, by contrast, draws attention to every fault, no matter how insignificant, and sometimes even exaggerates those faults! Whether you … Read More

How to Photograph Pets


Why It Is Important To Know How To Take Good Pictures Of Your Pet Here is a picture of our Maxxie, taken in 2002 by a professional photographer. We ordered pizza one night on my wife’s … Read More

An Introduction to Pet Photography


An Introduction to Pet Photography By Stan Beck Introduction Photographing your pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Done well, it will allow you to immortalize Fluffy or Spot – that significant member of your family … Read More

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