Tips to Find a Lost Hamster, Gerbil or Other Small Pets

It's not uncommon for a small pet to get lost inside your home. Finding a lost hamster, gerbil, rat or another small animal can be rather difficult, especially if you have other animals inside the … [Read more...]

Reasons to Avoid Bathing Your Rat in the Sink

When bathing your rat or another small animal, including rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs, it's important to avoid sticking the pet under running water of a faucet or shower spigot. There … [Read more...]

Safety Tips for Small Animals Who Live With Cats and Dogs

Many animal lovers have different types of pets, but there are inherent risks if you own small pets like hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits, along with larger predatory animals like cats and … [Read more...]

HR 669 and How It Might Affect You and Your Pets

Regular readers know that I tend to avoid political topics in this blog. They're too contentious, and there are many sides to every issue. However, there is a bill currently being considered by the … [Read more...]

When Is It Time To Take Your Small Animal To The Vet?

Every pet owner should maintain a good working relationship with a veterinarian. Owners of multiple types of pets, particularly exotic or unusual pets, may need several veterinarians. However, … [Read more...]

Changes Afoot at Petco

Let me begin by saying that, as a pet rat owner and fancier, I detest the mill-style breeding that Rainbow Exotics practices. As a result of these conditions, as well as the treatment of animals seen … [Read more...]

Grooming Guidelines For Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are exceedingly easy to care for. They enjoy a big cage and won't show signs of stress being confined, unless they're left alone all day every day. But they still require some hair and … [Read more...]

Accessories For Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs enjoy tunneling, exploring and interacting with animals and other elements in their environment. Giving them lots of variety will keep them mentally active for those hours you're away. … [Read more...]

Bedding Options For Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs need soft, clean bedding that is changed frequently in order to stay in top health. Litter training a cavy is very difficult and, as a result, they tend to eliminate in many areas around … [Read more...]

Different Breeds of Guinea Pigs

Professionals recognize 13 official breeds of guinea pig or cavy, though several more are popular. Within this set is a group of differently colored types that add further variety to this amazing … [Read more...]

Common Signs That Your Guinea Pig Might Be Ill

Because guinea pigs are common prey for many larger species, they have evolved to hide pain and weakness. Making noise, limping and other signs of distress alert predators to a location. They tell the … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs Behavior

Guinea pigs, or cavies, are like any other species in having a number of distinctive behaviors. Within that broad outline, of course, each pig will have its own peculiarities. It's the latter that … [Read more...]

Cage Options For Your Guinea Pigs

One of the many fun aspects of owning a guinea pig is selecting or designing and building a cage. Few homes are designed in a way that allow the owner to let their guinea pig simply run free. They can … [Read more...]

What Is A Guinea Pig?

The question posed in the title is a legitimate one. Even though guinea pigs are familiar, they're neither pigs nor do they hail from Guinea. These rodents, originating from the Andes mountains in … [Read more...]

All The Secrets Of Guinea Pigs

By: Dane Stanton Guinea pigs originated from the Andean region of South America, presently known as Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. They were a food source for mountain tribes around the year 2000BC. … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs Training Guide – The Basics

By Florian Ross Many people would be quick to call a guinea pig just another "dumb animal" but that's actually not true. Of course, when compared to a human or a dog, guinea pigs aren't going to … [Read more...]

Cleaning Baby Guinea Pigs

Cleaning Baby Guinea Pigs By: Dane Stanton If you have recently acquired a baby guinea pig and are wondering how to clean baby guinea pigs, you definitely aren't alone. Chances are you even feel a … [Read more...]

Guinea Pig Diet

Guinea Pig Diet By Graeme Jarry A Good Diet is the Basis for a Healthy Guinea Pig. Daily Basics: Fresh Water Vitamin C Good Quality Guinea Pig Pellets Grass Hay Correct Fresh … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs By Dane Bergen Guinea pigs originated from the Andean region of South America, presently known as Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. They were a food source for mountain tribes around the year … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs As Pets

Guinea Pigs As Pets by Phyllis Wasserman Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are fun pets. They like to eat green peppers, oranges, romaine lettuce, parsley, spinach, carrots, plums and apples. They must have … [Read more...]

Caring For My New Guinea Pig

Caring For My New Guinea Pig By Greg Beverly Guinea pigs are very lovable animals. They are very affectionate and have their own personalities, which will become very evident within days after you … [Read more...]

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