Choosing a Dog Daycare


Doggie daycare is a necessity for many busy pet owners. Even a placid dog doesn’t do well if left alone all day five days every week, especially if the owner returns from work too tired for … Read More

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pet Sitter


Hiring a pet sitter isn’t easy. Choosing one person to be solely responsible for the health and happiness of your pets while you’re traveling is nerve-wracking at best. Making the wrong choice can be disastrous. Pet … Read More

Petsitter or Boarding Kennel? Part One.


When vacationing without pets, one must often choose between a petsitter or sending pets to a boarding kennel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I hate to leave my dog for even a single night, so I … Read More

Is Doggie Daycare a Good Idea?


Doggie daycare can give owners a much-needed break from the exercise needs of a high-energy dog, as well as keep a dog with separation anxiety under control in the absence of his family. However, many pet … Read More

Why "NO!" is a No-No


It’s a familiar scene to many pet owners: Fido is gnawing the couch or has gotten into the trash and is dragging rubbish all over the new carpet. Naturally, your first reaction may be to shout, … Read More

Upcoming Fundraiser Event – Winnipeg – June 14, 2008


Public Service Announcement Angel’s Haven’s Day Care – First Annual Help For Homeless Friends Fundraiser Where: Angel’s Haven 2121 Ferndale Road Oak Bluff, Manitoba When: Saturday, 14 June 2008 The party starts at 1:00 pm, BBQ … Read More

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