Wait a minute… That's not a doggie in the window, that's a doggie on the computer screen!


And where better than a computer screen to find the best canine blogger in North America?? Bark N Blog is a blog about natural pet care and it’s written by Shadrach, a Neo Mastiff who does … Read More

Co-OpWorld Dogs Community Expo


From my email INBOX …. —————————- Original Message —————————- Subject: Members Go to the Dogs to Help Katrina Relief… From: “Co-Op World” Date: Wed, September 21, 2005 6:56 pm To: ………………………………. ————————————————————————– The next Co-OpWorld Dogs … Read More

Hurricane Katrina had me singing; how much is that doggie in the window?


A song sung by Patti Page and written by Bob Merrill is a rather dopey little tribute to a puppy in a pet store window. This blog is a waggly finger diatribe to every dog owner … Read More

On Rats and Hot Sauce…


While researching the makers of a hot sauce called, get this, “Rat Sauce”, I came upon Rat Sauce a website dedicated to everything rat related. This of course, is the instigator of this little we-blog. Rats … Read More

Humans are Pack Animals too.


Humans are Pack Animals Too When I was 8, my parents rescued a puppy and brought her home. She was a ginger and white coloured, floppy-earded dog with a beagle-like appearance. We named her Sandy. She … Read More

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