5 Ways To Contribute to Saving Homeless Animals

It is truly a heartbreaking scenario to find helpless, starved, and wounded animals sniffing through dumpsters or sleeping underneath cars. Like humans, animals need shelter, food, water, care, and … [Read more...]

Hi All Fellow Animal Lovers! by Malea

When a friend introduced me to the Amanda Foundation here in Los Angeles I had no idea this would change my entire life. The more time I spent with these animals the more I loved them and the more I … [Read more...]

PetLvr Blog Welcomes Guest Blogger Malea McGuinness

An Introduction Besides Malea McGuinness being an amazing vocalist and folk-rock songstress (you probably heard some of her music on the radio) ... she is an avid animal rights activist and will be … [Read more...]

What to Do About Animal Hoarders

Have you ever seen a news story about hundreds of animals rescued from a single person? Frequently, these horrifying stories come with graphic details of pets that starved to death or attacked each … [Read more...]

Help, There's a Feral Cat Colony in My Yard!

If you've been glimpsing the yellow-green glint of cat eyes when you step outside at night, or a flash of tabby bolting out of your yard when you go out in the morning, you may have become the … [Read more...]

A Shout Out For The Animal Victims of Peru Earthquake

I receive many emails every day requesting reciprocal linking .. but when I received an email request from Ladyhawke Catherine ... I thought I could do little more. There are many volunteers trying … [Read more...]

McCartney says 'Bambi' inspired activism

United Press International - NewsTrack - McCartney says 'Bambi' inspired activism LONDON, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- Paul McCartney says Walt Disney's "Bambi" and "Dumbo" inspired him to become an animal … [Read more...]

NYC Animal Welfare Resources

NYC Animal Welfare Resources By Jon Decker 1. The first and most effective way to combat over population in large cities is spay and neutering programs. View sites like Bide-A-Wee for information and … [Read more...]

MICHAEL FUMENTO: PETA must be stopped

MICHAEL FUMENTO: PETA must be stopped | TheNewsTribune.com | Tacoma, WAMICHAEL FUMENTO: PETA must be stopped Scripps Howard News ServiceThursday, June 16th, 2005 01:44 PM (PDT) (Read this article ...) … [Read more...]

Petco, PETA Call a Truce

Pet Product News - PetProductNews.com - The news and product information leader for retailers in the pet product industry.Petco, PETA Call a Truce (Read this article ...) … [Read more...]

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