Cat Trick: Teach Your Cat To Hug

In this fun and easy cat training tutorial, clicker train your cat to give you a hug. Perfect for cats who need to improve their response to physical contact.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. My cat says wtf I’m not gonna do this shut the fuck up and give me more food

  2. Marya Dolhova says:

    How cute!😍

  3. It's such a neat trick I'll try and teach my kitten to do it just Awww ❤

  4. Miss Poppinsss says:

    Hi I tried this but my cat is too exited and tries to scratch the food out of my hand. I'm scared that if I lure her to my shoulder she will scratch my face. Do you maybe have tips so she doesnt scratch the food out of my hands?
    Thanks in advance! Love your channel. Your cat is so well behaved😻

  5. shaydee0917 says:

    Jones is super smart👏

  6. anna.suigg says:

    But what if she doesn't want tu learn?

  7. Chloe Thornton says:

    I tried this with my cat. And 2 years later it's got to the point where I can tap my shoulder and he will jump up onto me and I have to catch him.

  8. Rosa Cellulosa says:

    Does this work on boyfriend?

  9. Luna KitKit says:

    Would you recommend this trick with a 8-month old kitten?
    I tried it with my kitten, and we got up to the step where you do the actual hug (like outstretching your arms) and she runs away and hides!
    Please give tips, it’s a really cute trick 🙂

  10. MoniMeloni88 says:

    Hi Julie,
    two of my three cats doesnt want to lure on my arm. Do I have to start to learn them to lure on a carton or whats the clue?

  11. ThatNerdyGip says:

    I love this trick! My kitty picks up on tricks pretty well, but he uses a clicker. I can’t find his clicker right now so he’s kinda on hold for learning tricks 🙁

  12. Sara Anderson says:

    Wow 😮 maybe I could teach my family cat how to give me and my family a hug that would be so cute 😍

  13. Wolfy Wlf says:

    That’s a big cat

  14. I haven’t tried this on my cat yet but this is adorable

  15. zephyr GAMING says:

    Cat: i dont like you i was just doing for my food
    Owner:good girl

  16. mia the cat says:

    Ok lemme see if this works!!!

  17. Chicken_ Madi says:

    Such a great trick what a beautiful kitty please make more videos I'm a big fan my cat Gordon and I love watching your videos together😁👍🏼😸

  18. Manal AlAmeeri says:

    What a sweet trick 💗 my cat doesn’t like touching and my hear melts when I see videos of cats cuddling with their humans 😭 We are in step two now and all is well for now 💪🏻

  19. Katie Scally says:

    Tooo cute! Love watching Jones “cheat” hehehe

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