Cat Training: Sit, Stand, & High Jump

How to teach your cat to sit, stand or high jump. Learn more at links below!

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11 Responses

  1. Parakeet Slimes
    | Reply

    I was your 200th sub!!

  2. Zareen Nishat
    | Reply

    it not licensed me

  3. 송효근
    | Reply

    how much time do you need to teach "sit" and when can a cat be trained from birth?

  4. Brieen
    | Reply

    My cat sits without me clicking in teaching her to shake my hand without on too this is the first day

  5. Baina Abbas guro
    | Reply

    Thank you 😊 i got the steps so well now im just gonna look 👀 for my cat 🐱 and begin that thing but my can sit already so im just teaching him the high jump and the stand up i know it will not be easy but i'll just follow the steps i saw pls like

  6. Janet Stephens
    | Reply

    The clicker is annoying. I taught my cat with voice and hand commands. He learned to sit up in one day.

  7. idunlikeyou
    | Reply

    Just get a dog

  8. Hiace tabi kaz
    | Reply

    Hello, nice to meet you
    I registered for channel.
    please check my channel too for mutual support

  9. Evelyn Acevedo
    | Reply

    What are ypu feeding him

  10. Hope & Faith
    | Reply

    My cat does all of them and more

  11. Animator Wolf
    | Reply

    I have a kitty

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