Cat Training Is Easy!: How to train a cat, solve cat behavior problems and teach your cat tricks.

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The relationship between humans and their cats is a beautiful, complex and at times, a frustrating one.
Cats, by their very nature, are independent creatures. If they want to do something they will just go ahead and do it. Here is where, for you the poor owner, things can get frustrating. You see, many of the things that your cat wants to do, you definitely won’t want it to do.
Scratching, both people and furniture, fighting, jumping up and refusing to use the litter tray are just a few of those frustrations.
But training your cat to be well behaved is possible. In fact it’s not just possible, with the right knowledge, some patience and a bit of persistence, training your cat is easy!
Inside this book you will learn simple techniques to correct the cat behavior issues mentioned above, but also many, many more.

    Dealing with aggressive behavior. Cats Vs cats. Cats Vs dogs. Protecting your – and your neighbor’s plants. Understanding your cat. Using a cat flap. Essential differences between indoor and outdoor cats. Clicker training. Using a litter tray. Scratching furniture. Jumping up.

You will also discover how to

    Teach your cat to walk on a leash. Come to you when called. Perform simple tricks. Get the most out of playtime. The best cat toys that your cat will love.

Cat Training is Easy!, will guide you from the very basics of cat training, through to the advanced techniques used by professional animal trainers, all in a simple to understand and easy to read format.
If you already own a cat or are thinking of getting a cat you really need this book. It will be your best friend, your mentor and your go-to guide when it comes to dealing with your unruly cat.

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