Cat Toilet Training Step by Step

This real-life sequence of cat toilet training by Kat Trainer, PhD. shows you how to train your cat to use a human toilet. Most people fail at one step while the cat just refuses to move forward. Watch how to overcome this with the “Transition Strategy”, which would enable your cat to easily move to the next step. You wonder why I am successful; it is because I used cat psychology and teaching methodologies as a professor with a PhD.

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21 Responses

  1. Dr. Bharati Patil
    | Reply

    2hich breed that cat was?

  2. Andy Brown
    | Reply

    My son Kyle was completely potty trained during the day halfway into day two. We simply completed day 5 and he has had 2 dry nights in a row. This potty training technique “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it) is a treasure for me and I am so glad that I don`t have my son won`t have to utilize diaper again.

  3. Mantasha Viqar
    | Reply

    Plz help me tell me does it works if this problem resolved I can buy a cat it is the only problem because of which I am not buying a cat plz tell me do it works properly well I love cats so need to get one so help

  4. y gamer
    | Reply

    thank you I'm muslim

  5. foxy the pirate fox roblox and more!
    | Reply

    its easier for cats to poo in a litter box

  6. Alexis Jones
    | Reply

    My son Kyle was fully potty trained throughout the day halfway into day 2. We just completed day Five and he has had two dry nights in a row. This potty training method “rumza fetching shocking” (Google it) is a treasure for me and I am so thankful that I don`t have my son won`t need to utilize diaper again.

  7. Rachel Ponce
    | Reply

    thank you for the idea

  8. Viliam Čarnoký
    | Reply

    What the FUCK

  9. ALF
    | Reply

    Someone: What do you do on your free time?
    Me: I spent 7 minutes of my life watching a cat pooping.

  10. Natas Louis
    | Reply

    my kitty got mad & peed the pillow.

  11. ciennagirl53
    | Reply

    I have three cats what you did was awesome I wish I could do that to these three

  12. T Phillips
    | Reply

    Why not just leave the baby seat? It's easy to move and put back when anyone else wants to use the bathroom.

  13. SavagePotato
    | Reply

    The kitten is a cat . He grew fast

  14. bonnie the bunny
    | Reply

    #my cat don't poop or pee lol idk why???

  15. Charvi Singh
    | Reply

    I didn't know Chinese music helped bowel movements.On the serious note,if you love your cats then don't toilet train them.

  16. Kylo11XD -Roblox Skits and more
    | Reply

    When your a guest and you go in a bathroom and see a cat pooping

  17. Leo Salzburg
    | Reply

    Best shit ever.

  18. Leon Kesti
    | Reply

    Can you train your cat to flush the toilet as well?

  19. NothingToNoOneInParticular
    | Reply

    I used a toilet ring for toddlers that made the hole smaller to give my cat a better squat stance. Great toilet seat, with a built in toddler seat. Where did you get it? Oh and I later added stairs when she got older. Excellent video. Thank you.

  20. Kimberly Merket
    | Reply

    That cat craps a lot ! Lol

  21. cora L
    | Reply

    Why not just keep the baby seat down for the cat for convenience??

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