Cat Grooming Tips : Cat Grooming: Ear Cleaning

Flip the ear back to get a better look inside a cat’s ear canal. Learn proper ear cleaning tips from a veterinarian in this free pet care video. Expert: Tracy Carreiro Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded in 1913 to help overworked and abused draft horses. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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34 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Kim
    | Reply

    and i presume that dislike is yours?

  2. MissGlamou101
    | Reply

    well ,thats a mistake ! Your cat could get an infection ….. and sometimes this causes death 🙁 ……..

  3. MissGlamou101
    | Reply

    People like you remind me why everybody should study biology ! And do you really believe that your cats are healthy ??! I take my pets every month to the vet , groom them at least once a week,feed with bio food that I cook( as chicken),if necassery bath them, give them vitamins,make sure that my home is a good place for them,etc! That’s why we win every competition- I don’t let them get flees and eat bones!Animals are a part of our family and you should respect them-think about it !

  4. MissGlamou101
    | Reply

    Huummmm ….Because it’s good for them ??

  5. MissGlamou101
    | Reply

    It’s soo not necessary ! It’s waay too young ! wait at least half an year ! The best way to know is to go to a good vet and ask if it needs it ! 🙂

  6. MissGlamou101
    | Reply

    As an owner of a champion cat(and many other animals) I can tell you that all the judges want to see a healthy,strong and natural cat!I don’t know what kind of person thinks that cats want to be dirty.We,humans, clean them so they can live a longer life! As an ex. a lot of people think that it’s weird that cat’s teeth should be cleaned - but do they know that 80 % of cats are suffering of teeth problems?That can cause death! Still you say the woman here is nuts.. Cats shouldn’t be given to you!

  7. vivi3722
    | Reply

    can i clean my 6 week old kitten ears?

  8. izzy cruz
    | Reply

    if i was that cat i would have bit her nipples and ripped them off for sure!

  9. Nicki Nakamura
    | Reply


  10. Nicki Nakamura
    | Reply

    And she’s married. -_-

    | Reply

    Oh a pencil holder :)

  12. MyOnlyFarph
    | Reply

    my cat is named Farphzone

  13. geokar
    | Reply

    Nalee hates you. Why would any cat let you violate it so? I would bite you fur sure.

  14. geokar
    | Reply

    Nalee hates you.

  15. Tatt17
    | Reply

    now i just want to know how my cats on the farm are able to eat mice and live healthily without shots that are ‘necessary for cats’ have been alive and thriving for years, never once have we shoved a qtip into its ear lmfao people in canada/the states are possessed with taking better care of their animals then they do themselves. ridiculous lmao

  16. 1971SuperLead
    | Reply

    This is the best video on the subject I’ve seen. You may fire the cameraman however.

  17. 1971SuperLead
    | Reply

    How often do you clean your own ears?

  18. regalgsx
    | Reply

    I don’t want to do this so I dropped my cat off at the forest preserve.

  19. dovegrey1
    | Reply

    what a good kitty! very good advice.

  20. mermaidamp
    | Reply


  21. ecrdab747
    | Reply

    what will your donkey do ? LOL !

  22. digitalcubano
    | Reply

    No, you can’t damage the cat’s ear with a q-tip. The inner ear canal is perpendicular to the outer ear canal. IOW, its geometrically impossible to penetrate the inner ear canal with a q-tip. You certainly can’t get anywhere near the ear drum with the q-tip. Its perfectly safe and is a big aid in keeping the cat’s ears clean.

  23. precious207
    | Reply

    You should never use a q-tip in a cats ears, you could damage the ear canal. Even though you say its safe, some less experienced people may actually cause more damage than good.

  24. minnieclips
    | Reply

    I never cleaned my cats ears before, I just got them use to having thier claws clipped once in a while.

    Where do you get the disinfectent from can I use rubbing alcohol. or a mild soap and warm water.

    Do you have to use the long Q-tips what about human Q tips.

  25. cabosikeqen
    | Reply

    i hope my donkey don’t see the q-tip

  26. hp81092
    | Reply

    eww datz a old lady u crazy??

  27. hilby
    | Reply

    the problem for cats and ear wax is because their ear canal goes in a mostly vertical direction, the earwax tends to stay at the base and doesnt’ travel up the canal as easily. That’s why cats and dogs shake their heads, to try and loosen up the wax. That is why they tend to have more ear wax related problems.

  28. adirondack1965
    | Reply

    this is an interesting debate, but I will say this for sure…Nice Boobs.

  29. remen11
    | Reply

    Build up of wax causes ear mites and infection that is why it is necessary.

  30. ecrdab747
    | Reply

    you don’t have taste

  31. Sakurakun853
    | Reply

    She’s an expert veternarian, I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s doing. And wax build up can cause infections leading to deafness for cats if not cleaned out. It is necessary.

  32. Sandra Radosavljevic
    | Reply

    Why u do that??? Is it necessary?? Oh,it looks nicer that way.. It is not healthy for cat, you know!! Nor it is for humans! She needs that wax, you know! And u can damage her sense of hearing, you know!

  33. nulpefx
    | Reply

    nice boobs

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