CAT COSPLAY! Because Cole the Black Cat reminds us so much of Toothless the Dragon, we decided to make a “How to Train Your Dragon” costume for Halloween! Wh…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. Cole and Marmalade
    | Reply

    CAT COSPLAY! Because Cole the Black Cat reminds us so much of Toothless the
    Dragon, we decided to make a “How to Train Your Dragon” costume for

    What do you think did we do a good job?


  2. Meg Parchem
    | Reply

    LOVE this! Though, do you have any tips for the leash? Batman immediately
    pulls “dead kitty” when we put his on :S

  3. Rua Whitepaw
    | Reply

    Does Cole ever go outside normally? The videos I see here only show them

  4. Chris Payne
    | Reply

    This is awesome!

    +Danielle Payne Anubis wants to be Toothless. 

  5. MsRainbow Brite
    | Reply

    You walk your cat? how degrading.

    I needed my cat to use a litter tray a couple of months ago, “it was
    beneath his station” he refused to use it

    Every year I dress up as Sabrina and my cat Salem. So basically I don’t
    wear a costume and neither does he

  6. keebleralves
    | Reply

    what is Marm being for Meowloween?

  7. Karen Ambler
    | Reply

    Cole looks so cute:-)

  8. Elliephantxo
    | Reply

    This is so cute, but please don’t take your black cats out on Halloween.
    There are some people that hurt black cats for religious reasons. Stay

  9. Angelaa a
    | Reply

    You forgot Toothlesses tail!

  10. snow29dove1
    | Reply

    Wicked awesome! Finally got to see cole in his costume 🙂 your a great cat
    dad and mom did a great job making the wings. How was the reaction in the
    neighborhood when you walked him out side? I love toothless the night fury
    dragon. Plus I hope Marm made out well yesterday with his first chemo.
    Please let me know how he did. You all are in my prayers! 🙂 Juli

  11. Jane Huffines
    | Reply

    This was very funny! Poor Cole, LOL! Who provided the music, Kevin
    MacLeod? He seems to be the cat videomaker’s musician of choice.

  12. Martyna Pyzolinska
    | Reply

    can you do a video how to introduce a new cat to you?
    Because I’m getting a kitten tomorrow (24/10/2014)

  13. Ariel W
    | Reply

    AHHHH! I love it! Did your wife make your costume too? I would say you
    look great, but Cole just blew all those thoughts out of my mind. What a
    tough looking dragon he makes! I really want to make those wings for my
    Loki. Does your wife have any sort of plan you could share with your

  14. sharie collini
    | Reply

    Where is Marms costume?

  15. The Myth
    | Reply

    How’s Marmalade? 

  16. Jackie C
    | Reply

    How did you train to be on a leash !? U can check out my kitties on my page
    if you want :)

  17. SoyKing
    | Reply

    Hiccup you’ve been abusing poor Toothless. Look how much weight he’s lost
    and you’ve gotten fat. Sitting on him all the time you make him do
    everything. Shame on you!

  18. katinka0921
    | Reply

    Yaaas. I have a black cat named Toothless, I plan on making him my little
    night fury when I (eventually) turn out a HTTYD cosplay!

  19. Lps Annika
    | Reply

    soooooooo adorable!!

  20. Marcus Aseth
    | Reply

    Shouldn’t be illegal to raise a dragon?! I’m reporting this video to

  21. Maria Letizia Pandolfi
    | Reply

    Un po’ di rispetto: gli animali non sono giocattoli!

  22. denverjim1955
    | Reply

    That’s adorable! Your dragon is a real cutie, too!

  23. Tracey Ge
    | Reply

    Cat Halloween Costume! HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON:

  24. HakulBee S
    | Reply

    lmao adorable

  25. Jade Moon
    | Reply

    haha its so cute! They should make a new movie called “How to train your
    cat” :)

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