Cat Care, How to Play With Your Cat

Cat Care, How to Play With Your Cat

By Bruce Walls

Keep your cat healthy and maximize bonding.

Playing with cats is not only fun, but it provides valuable exercise for cats of all ages and just as important, it strengthens the bond with your feline friend, which benefits you both. Kittens will play with anything. Just keep dangerous items like string, plastic bags, small indigestibles, and just about everything else away from the insatiable kitten if you’re not supervising him. You’ll enjoy playing with him with his toys, but be aware that he should learn early on that your hands are not toys. If you ignore this advice, you may learn to regret it when he grows up and develops full sized teeth and claws. Older cats might not be so fast and active but they still appreciate and benefit from the play.

Playing with your cat lets your cat hone his hunting skills, seeking the prey, making the stealthy approach, pouncing with conviction and enjoying the kill. It also maintains his health and weight, releases aggression, helps to gain confidence, strengthens the bond, is good cat care and is great fun.

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