Cat Bites and Wound Care – Mayo Clinic

Would you believe one in a hundred Emergency Room visits is because of a dog or cat bite? Wounds and cuts to the skin in general are among the top reasons people head to the hospital. Here’s Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Also get cat tested for rabies .

  2. jaylovesanime 24 says:

    A cat bit my finger and I came directly to Google to find out how to treat it

  3. splendor Inthegrass says:

    my dog accidentally scratched me and Im bleeding. fml…

  4. silent mastermind says:

    Will i die if i got bitten by a small cat

  5. Elma Brown says:

    Sweet kitty

  6. Elma Brown says:

    Sweet kitty

  7. Edznan Ecko says:

    you get cat bites by them having rabies.

  8. flaminq -Nat the Wolfchild- says:

    This is why you wash your hands.

  9. Shawki Faddah says:

    my cat bite my hand 2 days ago and now i have big swelling in my hand with fever

  10. Leinny Avery says:

    Okay so I got bitten it's not swollen, red, bleeding rapidly, numb or hurting too much and it's a small little bite by a 3weeks old kitten. I'm kinda anxious though am I all good or do I still need a Dr.??

  11. NeeSuhInsomniac says:

    got bit by feral kitten yesterday.. pierced the skin on finger. It bled for a second. I washed with soap. It never swelled up or got red nor was it painful after. Haven't gone to doctor ,, not sure if necessary, I don't feel any symptoms of infection?!?! :/ but def been paranoid about it.

  12. Paper St Cassowary says:

    Loss of function; check…puncture, check, stray tom cat….aw hell. I'd better go to the hospital.
    Also incredibly painful

  13. Brian Duong says:

    what the hell, I thought you just let them be, they heal on their own in like 3 days, my cat is vaccinated though so uh.

  14. ZarifPlaysGames says:

    I got scratched by Kitty and I used antibatic

  15. The Cat that smokes Weed says:

    When I was 9 my old cat bit my arm and 3 days later I got a 104 fever and I had to take 3 shots.

  16. If you got bitten but scared to go to the doctor then better wash it immediately with soap and water then dose it with isopropyl alcohol. Take also 1000mg of vitamin C for a month.

  17. Gayle Cheung says:

    I’m just on antibiotics now after yesterday’s scary cat bite which turned into an infection which never happened before I talk about a doozy and scary incident.

  18. You're probably a dick so your cat bit you.

  19. My cat bit my foreskin because i was sleeping naked and she snuck under my sheets and kablamo now im trying to see how to disenfect it

  20. I’d kill me a cat ….

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