Cat Behaviors: What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

Cat Behaviors: What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

By Michael Russell

A common misconception about cats is that they are on their own agenda and simply tolerate their owner’s existence, provided there’s food and a clean litter box. The seemingly erratic behavior that cats exhibit can confuse owners and guests alike and make it difficult to tell what exactly your cat wants. However, there are some common trends that will help take the mystery out of two of the more common behaviors.

One common thing you will inevitably see your cat do is push their head into anything that will support the weight: couch legs, tables, piles of paper and, if you’re lucky, maybe even your outstretched hand. You’ll notice this behavior even more when people who either own other animals are over, or people who are allergic are visiting. The reason for all this is the same: the cat is trying to “own” the various things by putting their saliva on them. When your cat rubs the side of his mouth against things, he’s putting a little bit of saliva on it, creating a scent that will then be familiar and comforting to them. This, coupled with the fact that it is also a soothing mechanism, explains why cats often prefer being stroked near the edges of their mouth. It will likely infuriate your allergic visitors to no end, but understand that the cat sees this visitor as an oddity, since they will likely have no scent at all. Your cat simply wants this visitor to belong to the house and therefore will brush against them several times in an effort to put a scent on them.

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