Caring for Your Ferret Part 1

Caring for Your Ferret Part 2 *HISTORY of the Ferret as a pet *SUPPLIES YOU NEED – Learn what supplies are necessa…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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43 Responses

  1. Gia Flo
    | Reply

    3:06 was that a bunny going into the tunnel! 

  2. Victor Medina
    | Reply

    note: don’t listen to them about cats.

  3. Jojo van Benthem
    | Reply

    i really want a ferret and this show makes ferrets sound great and I’m
    only 8 years old

  4. Smexywhit wolf
    | Reply

    History come on schools out

  5. Katie Bree
    | Reply


  6. Denai Hill
    | Reply

    their not rodents they drink out of water bowls not water bottles.

  7. MarYanana McNana
    | Reply

    this looks like a Marshall’s Ad :(

  8. Ginger24241
    | Reply

    @jwdiscoveries Ferrets Cannot live outside in the summer.They need to live
    in roomtemp. and in a dark spot in the house,You don’t need a huge cage for
    one ferret as long as you can give it 1-2 hours of play time out side of
    its cage.

  9. 2909josef
    | Reply

    look at my ferret part 3 or part 2 or part 1

  10. Hopesasha
    | Reply

    This is the best ferret care video I’ve ever seen!

  11. Monika Toma
    | Reply

    yep… thats true .. my ferret was trying to swim in the toilet .. and yes
    he can open his cage and all the wardrobes to get his food whenever he
    wants 😀

  12. Marcus Hull
    | Reply

    yes they can they can live outside my freind has 37 in a ferrert shed if
    dont comment if you dont know

  13. kloakenskansen
    | Reply

    In sweden its illegal to keep them in a cage, or it has to be 16 square

  14. ferretOne23
    | Reply

    that sound cool

  15. 2909josef
    | Reply

    PLEASE READ WATCH my ferret PART 1 my ferret part 2 my ferret part 3 so
    coool part 3 about eating their food part 2 about playing and part 1 about
    going in tunnel and me kissin a ferret and about a box so plz look at the
    three videos im called 2909josef and subscribe to me when you see 1 2 3
    videos bye

  16. joe150
    | Reply

    Try to find ferret breeders on-line here’s a good website ferretfarm
    (dot)org also try craigslist or eBay classifieds try to find local shelters
    by you

  17. Frewozi
    | Reply

    get one. they’re a lot of work to properly take care of. once you get one
    and think you can handle it, get another. ferrets are lovely & very very
    addictive. you’ll most likely end up with four in the end haha 🙂

  18. Austin Wang
    | Reply

    Can I give my ferret human shampoo?

  19. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Have you had his blood glucose tested to rule out insulinoma? Or started
    treatment in case it’s adrenal disease? If your vet can’t give you answers,
    find a new vet

  20. Henrika16
    | Reply

    Ferrets really don’t do well in the heat, and a rabbit hutch is much too
    small for a ferret, plus they need lots of time out the cage to interact
    with you. They are very social, and need at least 4 hours out the cage, and
    at least one hour of solid interaction, though more is better.

  21. Vixez R.
    | Reply

    Is a cage necessary ? I’m buying a ferret soon but i dont want to keep it
    in a cage…its just like a cat and a cat doesnt live in a cage it roams in
    the house so why keep ferrets in cages??? What do they do if you dont keep
    them in cages? They cant kill you right lol I dont understand…

  22. Branden Bearup
    | Reply

    No. You should use ferret-approved shampoo that you can get at a pet store,
    and many sources say ferrets don’t need to be bathed often. Human shampoo
    could harm your ferret.

  23. kyle ward
    | Reply

    @jwdiscoveries Yes you can keep your ferret outside in a rabbit hutch all
    year round, but the hutch needs to be atleast 2 tier and be adapted to take
    all weather and be weather proof, we work our ferrets by taking them
    rabbiting, much better for them than being stuck inside someones house
    chewing on unatural things, you will need to let it have at least 3-4 hours
    out of the cage a day though and interact with your ferret whenever

  24. TheAlbinoFerrets
    | Reply

    That cage is way to small

  25. adam bell
    | Reply

    this video does let you know a lot about ferrets but let me tell you
    something about these little guys. domesticated yes but i’ll tell you what
    they can break down an ecosystem by them selves, amazing creatures, as far
    as housing them, (most important) if they can fit their head in a hole they
    can turn around in that hole, so if you have them out playing you have to
    be right there with them. the more you hold them the more friendly they
    are. note: when they bite you they don’t mean it

  26. Julian Parent
    | Reply

    9:44 huhaha

  27. LivexLifexLaughing
    | Reply

    I’m concidering buying a ferret so how many do you reccommend to start off
    with? Some people told me you need at least two while others say I should
    only get one. How many do you think would be sencible?

  28. bigd5000100
    | Reply

    I have a pit bull and my ferret got out once (my brother is afraid of my
    ferret and let him out to get rid of him) and my dog always loved the
    ferret so my dog helped me find him he was under my our tool shed. my
    ferret is safely home 🙂

  29. William yang
    | Reply

    where can i get a ferret, i dont generally trust pet stores, are there any
    websites that sell ferrets?

  30. thepetsRuschannel
    | Reply

    @Thatanimalkid no one gives a shit in me family IV used them 4 houndres of

  31. joe150
    | Reply

    @jwdiscoveries not recommend a good book to get is Ferrets For Dummies, 2nd

  32. Marcus Hull
    | Reply

    please learn to spell

  33. persaya2022
    | Reply

    wut no they can’t kill you haha. They will troll you though. If you don’t
    have a cage, they go to the bathroom in a-lot of corners in the house. A
    cage minimizes the places it can go, and you maintain control.

  34. joe150
    | Reply

    Never use human shampoos or dish soaps. Only use shampoos that are designed
    for ferrets or kittens. Shampoos for humans have incorrect PH balance for
    ferrets. Using shampoos with added scents should also be avoided, for this
    may cause allergic reactions. You can use some conditioner. But it should
    also be specially formulated for ferrets or kittens. And you can get ferret
    shampoo in most pet stores & online even if they don’t sell Ferret they
    still carry shampoo food and supplies

  35. tyron towns
    | Reply

    yeah same here my ferrets live free with out a cage in my house my Guinea
    Pigs have a large c&c condo i let them out every now and then but the
    ferrets are kinda over powering so it’s not to often that i let them out to
    roam free

  36. teddyjeli111
    | Reply


  37. Branden Bearup
    | Reply

    Ferrets love tubes, but mine will play with almost anything. Plastic bags
    are a favorite at my house, but find them some things that they might like
    to hoard. My male ferret likes to hoard furry stuffed animals. My female
    likes to hoard anything that is shiny. It’s a trial and error process.

  38. BurntSugarz
    | Reply

    ohgod this is so cheesy

  39. silvergracefe
    | Reply

    It is everywhere, not just Sweden.

  40. Austin Wang
    | Reply

    What kind of toy should I give my ferret? He isn’t interest in anything!
    Balls, stuffed animals or feathers?

  41. Amy199able
    | Reply

    i dont know where to get ferret tooth stuff.

  42. LyleVertigo
    | Reply

    I like your instructional video, the only ferret one I’ve seen that doesn’t
    have a fat/ugly/crazy lady in it.

  43. Heartlessmusic666
    | Reply

    Note: All these supplies, or most of them are Marshall Ferrets. This is the
    ‘Mill’ of the ferret world. ALL ferrets NEED a good home but for good
    information go to the following link:

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