Caring for Goldfish

The goldfish is probably one of the easiest fish species to care for. These fish can live for up to 50 years if they are well taken care of.

The first thing you should consider when you are caring for your goldfish is the aquarium. You should buy a tank that has 10 gallons of water for each goldfish. Keep in mind that the fish will eventually grow. The larger the tank, the better the environment will be for your fish, since a larger tank has a greater surface area. This large surface area allows for plenty of oxygen for the goldfish in the tank.

Goldfish are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals. You can buy food specifically made for goldfish at your local pet store. They can also eat frozen foods, just make sure you thaw them out before feeding the goldfish. Goldfish tend to constantly graze on food because they like to eat a lot, but be careful not to overfeed them.

Overfeeding your goldfish will lead to food remaining in the tank longer than necessary. The fish food will eventually rot on the bottom of the tank, causing the water quality to be unhealthy for the goldfish. Also, if goldfish eat more than necessary, they’ll produce more waste. This means you will need to change the water in the fish tank more often.

You should change the water in the tank at least two to three times a week. The cleaner the water, the less likely the fish will become ill. Remember never to completely remove the water in the tank all at once. Remove between twenty and fifty percent of the water at a time, as the fish get used to the quality of the water and removing more could lead to illness in your goldfish. Make sure that the water is dechlorinated.

When you add plants and decorations to the tank, make sure you don’t add any that have sharp points. Goldfish like something to hide behind, as this makes them feel safer. If the plants and decorations in the tank are sharp, the fish will get hurt.

The temperature in the goldfish’s tank should be between 65 to 68 °F (18 to 20 °C) or the fish will become ill. The higher the temperature, the more oxygen deprived they will be, which could eventually cause damage to their organs. Avoid putting the fish tank near places that drafts can pass through, such as heater vents, doors and windows. Temperature fluctuations are harmful to fish.

You will need to have filtration in the tank. Aquarium filters usually provide a combination of biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. Each filter has a different function. Biological filters make the tank less toxic, mechanical filters keep the water clear and chemical filters prevent water from turning yellow. If you don’t want all three types of filtration, you should have a biological filter at the very least. You should regularly use test kits to check ammonia and nitrate levels to prevent the goldfish from getting diseases.

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  1. TheGoldfishGuy
    | Reply

    Great article on goldfish care. You mentioned some great points for people to look out for and what to do to care for your goldfish. Definitely the more care one puts towards their goldfish the healthier they’ll be. Regular maintenance is the key to your goldfish living a long healthy life.

    Great blog and information.
    Love it!


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

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