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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

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In this episode we look at a lesser cat called the Caracal. Their name is taken from a Turkish word that means “black ear.” The Caracal is known best for its large black ears that it uses for its great hunting ability. The Caracal roams the grasslands and open plains from Africa through the Middle East. While its numbers are holding in Africa, we see populations becoming extinct in India due to farming and the unrestricted manufacturing of charcoal from the wild weeds, especially in the Banni grasslands. By supporting animal conservation in these areas we can help save the land for the Caracals and other wildlife. Captive Caracals in the US suffer from people trying to keep them as pets, as well as trying to crossbreed them with domestic cats for the pet trade. For more info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: Find us on FACEBOOK MYSPACE: TWITTER: DONATE: THANK YOU!

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

28 Responses

  1. ZangyChetari
    | Reply

    @BigCatRescue If you provide the caracal with a suitable home and keep them happy, what problem is there? It would be similar to what zoos do, and the only real difference between that and the wild is that they’re kept safer, healthier and have more positive social experiences with different species. They are one of my favourite animals, along with cheetahs, but I want to live in a cold environment so I’ll stick with the Maine Coon.

    • viviana Rigamonti
      | Reply

      Somebody knows where could I buy a caracal ?there are a lot of sammers breders in internet .

      • Juan José Requejo Fernandez
        | Reply

        Hallo Viviana,

        I got as a reference form a feline breeders in UK your name and a copy of a cites, with seams to be an export licence of a kitten on your name.

        Can you confirm me, if this doc are right an you have got any animals of these people?

        The breeders name is FLAVIA ZARA, Whittington, London

        Can you please get in contact with me or give me any phonenumber to call you?

        Juan Requejo
        +34 66 30 30 404

  2. BigCatRescue
    | Reply

    @ZangyChetari Anyone who chooses to buy an exotic wild cat is fueling the trade in exotic animals as so called “pets” which means the backyard breeders who are constantly breeding exotic cats in horrible conditions are profiting from this and the cats are suffering. Then what happens when people discover that these wild species of cats that they bring into their home are in fact wild and spray, bite and do not want to be a “pet” the cats are abandoned or killed.

  3. insaneforstuff254
    | Reply

    Making cheetahs pets is wrong. Breeding them in order to continue the species? I can see the logic in that, IF they can be released. But nature doesn’t need to conform to mankind, and these cats don’t need to be domesticated! We don’t need to ‘conform’ to nature, either, but we need to realize the scarcity of our resources, for our OWN survival.
    Taking care of animals fulfills some people, and good for them. IMO showing regard for other creatures creates positivity in the world.

  4. b1ndby24
    | Reply


  5. ZangyChetari
    | Reply

    @BigCatRescue The same happens to dogs. I’ve always believed people should have to obtain a license before they’re allowed to breed, sell and keep certain animals as pets.

    | Reply

    I wish to have one sleep at the end of my bed

  7. SuperKizzyCat
    | Reply

    @NewFormofSilence Ultimately your comment makes it seem like you subscribe to the rather arrogant belief that everything is put on this earth for human beings to exploit. Just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean that we SHOULD! How would you feel about being kept in a cage 24/7 for the remainder of your life being subjected to the boredom and health problems that go with living that way?

  8. AnimeFreak4301
    | Reply

    SO CUTE I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. AnimeFreak4301
    | Reply

    SO CUTE I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. HerrCaZini
    | Reply

    You are a good men. I totally agree with you and I am strongly in favour for such projects like yours.
    Also humans have to stop playing with the genes of animals. If even scientist don’t understand genes and DNA completely So the cat breeder who tries to make new breeds will most certainly not know what the characteristics (good and bad) will be of the hybrids they make. And no i’m not saying scientist must stop figuring out how DNA works but that this commercialism in breeding is just wrong.

  11. madchronic
    | Reply

    Better I take care of one than they getting killed!!!!!

  12. SCECountZero
    | Reply

    those are cute cats

  13. Sameh90
    | Reply

    @NewFormofSilence i hope u use your new form of silence someday soon

  14. mazerrackham001
    | Reply

    I suppose all forms of domestic dogs and cats, cattle, pigs, chickens, horses, donkeys, and every other domesticated animal are also the results of immoral actions by humans, right? I mean, every species humans have ever domesticated used to be wild animals that “were never meant to be domesticated”. So if you have a cat in your house, a dog in your yard, ride a horse, or eat any meat other than wild game you’re just fueling an evil abomination against nature? Bull.

  15. mazerrackham001
    | Reply

    If you want to say that certain individuals go about the breeding and domestication process in a cruel way, then fine. I’ll be the first to agree with you. But, just like gun control, don’t blame the gun for killing someone. Blame the murderer. Demand that individuals take responsibility for their actions. In the same way, don’t make some ridiculous claim that any wild animal cannot or should not be domesticated because some people do it in the wrong way. Simply hold those breeders to account.

  16. BigCatRescue
    | Reply

    @NewFormofSilence They’re wild animals so we should let them be wild, it’s childish and ignorant to want to try and domesticate wild animals so we can feel some sort of power over them, this is when animals escape, attack and kill people, yet it’s still legal unfortunately 🙁

  17. BigCatRescue
    | Reply

    @mazerrackham001 It’s simple caracals are wild animals they don’t belong in homes or backyards, we have to learn to draw the line somewhere and evolve as a species instead of becoming worse and worse.

  18. mazerrackham001
    | Reply

    Actually, I take that back. Even Caracals have a long history of domestication, not just as hunting cats like Cheetahs, but as ancient Egyptian versions of barn cats, and even as house cats. Given their religious significance it would be more accurate to say “temple cats” I suppose. It is my understanding though that Egyptians had a much easier time domesticating Servals and their various hybrids.

  19. NinjaCatStyle
    | Reply

    @BigCatRescue You guys are awesome =]

  20. TheSugarbabe1996
    | Reply


  21. parahdox
    | Reply

    @mazerrackham001 Once upon a time there was a significant purpose for the domestication of animals. Humans have always used animals for a particular purpose; they were food or they did work.

    The only reason people want to domesticate exotic animals is for vanity, which is completely unnecessary.

  22. mazerrackham001
    | Reply

    @parahdox P.S. because of censorship concerns on this channel, I am sending these comments to you in a private message. Please disregard if my comments are successfully published.

  23. GARGOS10
    | Reply

    esta cvere

  24. Dragonsforever05
    | Reply

    @mazerrackham001 I completely agree.

  25. fvxLaRage
    | Reply


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