Car Show for Dogs

PupsDogs love taking car rides, and it’s common to see dogs hanging their heads out the car window and breathing in the fresh air or barking at the car in the next lane. Although the dogs enjoy it, it’s not the safest way for them to travel. States like California, Virginia, New Hampshire and Illinois have all attempted to ban lapdogs or put restrictions on where dogs can be sitting when riding in the car. However, these states’ proposed legislation was not passed in November. While there might not be laws in place to prevent lapdogs in the car, you can still become more knowledgeable on the ways to provide a safer environment for your dog.

At the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, the 2009 Arizona International Auto Show will be held from November 27-30. This car show will feature Bark Buckle UP, which is a company dedicated to pet safety. When a dog is in the car, it’s dangerous for the dog and the owner, and Bark Buckle UP discusses these issues and teaches people how to drive safer with a dog in the car.

Some dogs might be well behaved and sit in the back seat, but you never know when your dog might become excited or upset by something, which can result in distracting you from the road. If you take your pet everywhere with you and treat it like family, then why not buckle it up like you would if you had a child in the car?

Accidents, even slow moving ones, can be seriously damaging to the human body let alone an animal. According to, if a car moving at 35 mph had a 60-pound dog in the car and got into an accident, the dog would hit the seat, windshield or door with 2,700 pounds of pressure.

Traveling with your pet should be a fun and safe experience. Even if they are buckled in, they can still breathe in the fresh air and bark, but they are held in place and are unable to jump out the window or experience severe impact from an accident.

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