Canada Post cuts off mail delivery after dog attacks

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Canada Post cuts off mail delivery after dog attacks

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4 Responses

  1. Shari Morgoch
    | Reply

    I would love to know if this postal delivery suspension has been resolved. I am trying to collect information on how many neighbourhoods in Canada have been affected like this. Below is the letter I wrote to the Toronto Star column “The Fixer”, along with the story they printed today, November 8, 2005, containing the same “non-response” from Canada Post that we have been getting. I think that the only solution is to start a grass roots movement to compell Canada Post and the mail carrier union to establish a formal public process for mail suspension and restoriation in the case of dog bites and other dangerous situations. At this point, it seems that the carrier and the union can arbitrarily decide where and when or even if they want to deliver again, with no recourse from the public.
    It is insane that we cannot even get them to tell us what we need to do to get the mail restored.

    You can contact me at if you have any other information. Thanks Shari

    My letter:

    We live in “Mineola” an older, established residential area of Mississauga where 15 houses in our neighbourhood have been without mail delivery for well over 2 years. Originally the mail was stopped because of a serious dog attack on our postman.

    We all sympathize with the postal carrier and understand that the house were the dogs were residing should have mail delivery suspended. In fact prior to this incident, several complaints were made against the dog owner because the two German Shepherds that they had would get loose and terrorize the neighbourhoods – even my teen son had his jeans torn and his leg nipped. Despite police and animal control calls, the dogs were not removed and this Postal incident was the eventual result.

    Now the house is fenced, the dogs are gone and they have been for several months (The attacking dog was removed right away, the other one has been gone for at least 6-9 months). We have tried to have mail restored for 2 years. We have written and spoken to the Canada Post Ombudsman – who ultimately said he could do nothing because it was a legal matter. The local postal manager says it is a Union matter – they cannot compel the postal worker to deliver in our area.

    Our mayor has issued a letter to say our neighbourhood is as safe as any other. Animal Control says it is not up to them to confirm the animals are gone. The post office says they are not obligated to confirm the animals are gone. No one will issue a directive to us on what they need to declare the area safe, or indeed under what criteria they determined that these 15 homes were not safe to deliver to in the first place.

    Many of these homes do not have any direct connection to the “dog” house, but are merely in the proximity of their back yard. The house where the dogs were living faces Highway 10. Many of the quarantined houses, including ours, are on the two streets behind their house.

    There is no definition of “safe” or requirement to deal with this issue in the Postal Act. The postal truck that delivers Express Post and parcels will come to our houses, as well as any other delivery service, but not our postal carrier. As residents we must either pick up our mail at the local postal outlet between 9 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. weekdays (impossible if you are working) or as a concession, they have put a post box at the end of the street and if we supply the lock, they will deliver our mail there.

    We are coming to our third winter dealing with this and we are in an older neighbourhood, some of those not getting mail are seniors or infirm. The area around the box is not maintained and in the winter we have to climb the snow bank to get to it. The situation is ridiculous!

    No one at the post office will proactively assist in a resolution (we have even tried their Consumer Affairs office); indeed we are unable to speak with anyone directly involved. We have tried the city councilor, our MP, our MPP, animal control, much of the postal administration. If the house in question has created such an unsafe environment, action should be taken. We feel that this is a stall tactic by the union and the postal worker in support of a pending lawsuit against the homeowner. Overall this situation was handled badly and the dog should have been removed long before the attack on the postal worker. At the end of the day, this neighbourhood has suffered at the hands of too much bureaucracy and we are still being made to atone for the sins of others.

    THE FIXER Doggone, there’s still no mail
    Nov. 8, 2005. 01:00 AM

    There’s a neighbourhood in Mississauga where the postman never rings once, let alone twice.

    About two years ago, a Canada Post letter carrier delivering mail in the Mineola neighbourhood, just west of Hurontario St. and north of Lakeshore Rd., was bitten by a dog and seriously injured.

    As a result, Canada Post cut off mail delivery to 15 residences surrounding the home where the dog lived. Some of those homes are on different streets but are fairly close to the property where the dog came from.

    Neighbours say the dog’s owner got rid of it right after the attack, as well as another that lived there. So they asked Canada Post to resume home mail delivery. Two years later, they’re still waiting.

    Sheri Morgoch, who lives on Veronica Dr. and hasn’t had mail delivery since, emailed us about it, saying Canada Post has rejected every attempt she and her neighbours have made to convince it to resume delivery.

    The house where the dog came from is on Hurontario St., but some of the homes that were cut off are two streets west of Hurontario St., she said.

    They’ve appealed to Canada Post’s ombudsman, had Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion write a letter declaring the neighbourhood safe and have asked their city councillor, MPP and MP for help. But nothing has changed.

    The affected homeowners have only two choices: Pick up their mail at the local post office or use a community mailbox in their area, while everyone else gets home delivery.

    Status: Keisha McIntosh, a Canada Post spokesperson, sent us an email saying Mississauga Animal Services “cannot, at this time, verify the location of the dogs on the property in question. As a result, we will continue with the current delivery arrangement, and continue to revisit this matter periodically.”

    What’s broken in your neighbourhood? Wherever you are in Greater Toronto, we want to know. To email us, go to, click on the GTA tab, then click on The Fixer. Or call us at 416-869-4823.

  2. D.
    | Reply

    Canada Post is not accountable to anyone, that’s the problem. May I suggest you write PM Harper, since he has decided to keep Canada Post under the collective wing of the Federal Government.

    I will be adding a link to this blog to my Canada Post web site, as just another piece of evidence that this corporation needs to take the publics views more seriously.

    Please stop by often, I set up a message board, and I’m gathering links from all the blogs and web sites that show how inappropriate Canada Posts’ actions are.
    I will be dating the updates.

  3. Gloria
    | Reply

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    | Reply

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