Can You Really Train Your Cat? | National Geographic

A circus troupe of well-trained cats is touring the United States—proof that the famously stubborn domestic house cat can indeed learn new tricks.
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Can You Really Train Your Cat? | National Geographic

National Geographic

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22 Responses

  1. Izaac Wopz
    | Reply

    Our cat Bookie was well trained (sit, on two, jump, lay down, give-me-five) until we got our second cat Maggie, all training went out the window.

  2. carnivore
    | Reply

    Dogs can be trained; cats must be persuaded. One of my cats is an Einstein. My other cat is brain damaged. They have both learned most of the things I have tried to teach them. The trick is appealing to their instinctual behavior and love of play. And yeah, they train me, too.

  3. Xxxsorrow
    | Reply

    … I knew my cat couldn't be that dumb. In fact, it's smart of her to act dumb in certain situations.

  4. tha real O.z. safools4life
    | Reply

    Crazy cat lady ?

  5. stellvia hoenheim
    | Reply

    You are not a cat person, you're a cat lady its a big difference

  6. Urbi Urbina
    | Reply

    a lot of people complaining that cat's aren't as as "nice" as dogs. I think that's beside the point. Dogs provide a more instant gratification-type relationship whereas a good relationship with a cat is cultivated over time. It depends a lot on the personality type of the human whether a cat or dog (or both) is the right fit for you. I think it's short sighted to assume that because you personally prefer dogs that they're better pets. it's just the pet that's best for YOU. Be it a gerbil or a parrot or a dog or a cat, we all have different needs and different animals can fill them!

  7. Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz
    | Reply

    It makes me very sad to see cats (and animals in general) being "trained", controlled like toys. And cats are quite sensitive to noise and changes in their environments, so they must become really stressed during these shows…

  8. FantasyTea
    | Reply

    It's hilarious reading comments were people compare cats to dogs. You know.. they're not the same and can not really be compared to each other. Dogs were trained and domesticated long before cats were. A cat can be trained, it just takes more patience. Most people train their dog with treats just like these ladies. But some train without, exactly like some owners train cats without. If anything, it's more impressive for cats to do these kind of tricks because if they don't want to, they won't. Besides, training cats is not as "well known" as for dogs. If a dog is untrained it's considered almost strange or that it had "a bad owner" but an untrained cat is just considered a cat. So in all reality, dogs are more controlled by humans than cats are, if you want to be "opinionated " and call them "slaves" as some have done here.

  9. Susie Susie
    | Reply

    To train a cat, say the exact same commands every time and then say good kitty. No treats or swats for good behavior. Just praise, Sit, jump up… my cat know 124 words ! I was a teacher and now keep a database of what words she knows. We are working on counting. She can do up to 5 so far. Crows can count to 7 and I want her to beat 7. My vet and her staff were amazed when Muffin demonstrated "outside box" came out her carrier, "jump up" onto exam table, "sleep pillow" and walked and curled up in the pillow, "open door" clawed at upper cabinet door, "jump inside box" cabinet, "jump outside box", "jump down" to floor, and "inside box". She forgot to close the door to her cat carrier. Her mother responded to 75 words but she was stubborn and probably just didn't want to do what I said. She had "cat time" when she ignored my commands and licked her claws. Drawers, closets, boxes, cabinets are all "boxes" and her cat door is "Muffin's door". spooky smart.

  10. [H]ouse MD
    | Reply

    all iv been able to train my cat to do is not wriggle when i pick him up, and if i dont give him a treat after picking him up he wont let me pick him up for the rest of the day

  11. gonzallas
    | Reply

    cats do it for food, Dogs do it for a ball for fun!

  12. gonzallas
    | Reply

    the best dog can understand 165 words. the best cat can understand 35. Cats gotta go.

    | Reply

    wanted Train mine but she is so lazy

  14. xneverwalkalonex
    | Reply

    It's possible to train your cat, I used to have mine give me a high five before I gave him his biscuits, the question is, should you train your cat?.

  15. John O'Neill
    | Reply

    When single women turn 35…

  16. Kitten Cartøøns
    | Reply

    I hate circus's. I think all they do is steal an animal for the wild or from their mother,starve it and train it for our entertainment. It's wrong, and I'm happy they got rid of some circus's. All animals deserve to live a normal life.

  17. HASSAN SMITH made in america
    | Reply


  18. Demon Phoenix
    | Reply

    both these women are hot just saying

  19. hickorydickoryduck
    | Reply

    The Simpson's crazy cat lady image comes to mind

  20. Azliana Lyana
    | Reply

    Classical Conditioning, it works all the time 🙂

    | Reply

    Those cats are hungry..
    very hungry.

  22. Robert
    | Reply

    Dear god what that buss must smell like…

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