Can I Train a Cat to Launch a Rocket? | How to Learn Anything

I spent two months training Blue to press a button when I say the word “engage”. At the same time I was learning the basics of rocketry and tried building a massive rocket to see if Blue would launch it on my command.

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Host – Stephen Robinson
Director – Lindsay Robinson
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28 Responses

  1. 52 Skillz
    | Reply

    Seriously though, tag Elon….

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Sylvie G
    | Reply

    great video and concept! kids enjoyed it too. Nicely shot as well. Very cool 🙂

  3. Rhys 'Yeast' Ross
    | Reply

    I know yall clicked for the cat part.

  4. SuziGenerous
    | Reply

    In instrumental (also called operant) conditioning, getting the initial response is the hardest part. Using the wand (I use a spoon with my cats) helps direct their attention. Once they learn to associate it with food (touch spoon, get food), they will where you move the spoon. Then you can move the spoon to the thing you want to teach the cat to touch when you say a word. The verbal clue that you want him to do something is very important. He may press the button if he sees it later when you’re not around, not be rewarded, then learn it doesn’t always work. Using the verbal clue (engage), let’s him no to perform now to get the food. Also, you didn’t “shape” the response enough. Once he learned to touch the button, you could then teach him that merely touching it doesn’t get him the food anymore. He has to really lean on it to get the treat. You just kept reinforcing that he could just tap it. So that’s the behavior you got.

    Great job training him otherwise though. Cats are smart and trainable, as long as you can find a reinforcement they like (mostly food and/or affection). They learn things on their own all the time and they can learn from each other so once you get involved it can be like a game to them. You can also train other, less intelligent pets. Even goldfish!

  5. girlwonder30
    | Reply

    “My boy Blue!” Thanks CNN for directing me here. 👍🏽

  6. Karen H
    | Reply

    Great job! (Cats are so unpredictable – you did it, though.)

  7. Lisa Hansen
    | Reply

    I am so thoroughly impressed that you were able to train that cat! Wow! Amazing video ❤️🙌🏼

  8. Julia Wald
    | Reply

    Screaming laughing omfg

  9. Bruce Lee
    | Reply

    I did not know you had cat's brain!!!

  10. Free Bird
    | Reply

    You left out the most important event: giving the reward of cuddling and praising Blue for successfully learning and executing his lesson of LAUNCHING A ROCKET!!! Would've liked to have seen that included in the video! Mrow!

  11. Barbara Murphy-Bridge
    | Reply

    What a trippy brilliant video- just loved it ! Barbara in Baja, MX

  12. Bryan Merton
    | Reply

    Awesome video!

  13. Cathy T
    | Reply

    Official cat whisperer . You have far more patience than i do with a cat. Cute video. 😊

  14. Matthew Ornawka
    | Reply

    LOL, is now a good time to bring up my name was spelled wrong?… heh!

  15. The Great Googly Woogly
    | Reply

    Elon musk works like a cat

  16. KittenGamez YT
    | Reply

    I love cats!

  17. ImGonnaBeTheVeryWorse, SkyrimPlayer!!
    | Reply

    This is what the Russians are researching right at this moment. XD

  18. Roberto Reyes
    | Reply

    you have to repopulate the cat until they get a genetic and then teach the cat can lunch the rocket

  19. Stump Kitchen
    | Reply


  20. irish doggo
    | Reply

    That's cool
    But why

  21. Joshua A TM
    | Reply

    You’re giving them ideas-

  22. miles alton
    | Reply

    The only ad I choose to watch

  23. Goal Guys
    | Reply

    This video is next level mate.

  24. Vintique Sound
    | Reply

    Dude, it's been a while since I've caught one of your vids. You've stepped up your game like mad 🙂
    p.s., datz sucha cute kitty lulz

  25. IschBims
    | Reply

    Trump says YES

    He puts catfood on a red button and say EAT AND LAUNCH!!!!

  26. Dewey
    | Reply

    I’m happy this came to my recommended feed.

  27. Lord Sin Cara
    | Reply

    After 2 months: Cats started a Nuklear launch

  28. SaintDre7
    | Reply

    I thought you were launching a cat in a rocket. But this is fine too.

    I guess.

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