“C” is for Cats –Twin Talk #3

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

The third episode “C is for Cats” features a little background on Trey, Boots, Tuck and Tipi of the ongoing YouTube series, “Cat Clips.” Twin Talk is a new Vlog series featuring Michael and Kevin. They talk and debate about all sorts of topics, including current trends, celebrity gossip,…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @ibsunnysha — I agree. Turtles are very interesting. Not really MY kind of pet…but I find them fascinating.

  2. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @HebiJean — Sounds like you have a full house…do they all get along?

  3. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @RockyBDemilleFan — When the alphabet ends, we’ll begin making up a new alphabet. I’m sure you’ve heard that twins have a secret language all their own…KIDDING!…we’ll just start at “A” again. Love Strawberry Rhubard pie…actually, I love just plain rhubarb pie…my dad used to make it all the time…but since he passed away years ago, I haven’t had a regular rhubarb pie…I don’t think anyone actually makes one…it’s a little more tart than Strawberry Rhubarb.

  4. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @TheEvanDude112 — Funnel? Like a Funnel Cake? That doesn’t sound so bad.

  5. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @calikitten33 — I’m glad you adopted her. I hate to see cats that sit in those cages waiting to be adopted for such a long time.

  6. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @VampireCraZy14 — Cats are great posers. I think they must do it naturally.

  7. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @vickiormindyb — I saw Shrek on Broadway. It was fun, and some of the music is really great. Don’t remember the puppets though…I think they’re just a small part of the show…

  8. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @PrincessWarriorCats — Banana Cream pie. Wow. I haven’t had one of those in such a long time.

  9. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @missCrissawebbx — Sounds like you are giving Sophie a better life than she had before. That’s great. The next Cat Clips will be out early next week. There’s a lot of FX in this one, so it takes a little longer.

  10. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @lonelysith66 — Yes, they are very huggable.

  11. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @klaatu42 — I think a good random explosion every now and then is a great cure for apathy…heh, heh…BTW, congrats on the amazing success of your latest video “Ultimate Dog Tease.” That is awesome!!!!

  12. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @cardinalskristi — Okay, I’m curious. What is Hawaiian Pie?

  13. HebiJean
    | Reply

    They genrally do. Kuro and Tangelo like to rough-house a lot. Stanley actually is the only cat that doesn’t get along with any of the others. He’s also the only cat who goes outdoors because the last two cats we allowed out never returned home… What I find silly is that our outdoor cats had “ee” sounds at the end of their names. (StanlEY, StewIE, SkittY, FuzzY,PattY…) and all our indoor cats have O at the end of their names. (KurO, NeccO, TangelO…)

  14. RockyBDemilleFan
    | Reply


    (_8(I) ummmmmmmmm, Rhubarb

  15. adiplexiglas
    | Reply

    I’m not a cat person, but you have really cute cats:)

  16. cardinalskristi
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby It’s a pie that has a kind of pineapple flavored pudding for the filling, crust that is decorated with a little sugar and a couple sliced really sweet plump starwberries on top. It used to be sold at a resturaunt called Baker’s Square but i think it closed a long time ago. But it’s still my favorite 🙂

  17. cardinalskristi
    | Reply

    @cardinalskristi It also is topped with a lot of whipped cream

  18. vickiormindyb
    | Reply

    Robb, my friend who works in Financial Services-and lives in NYC-thinks the mouse appeared 8 times. And another character appeared twice.
    He figured that out and could still tell me what the video was about.
    I couldn’t count mouse appearances and listen to the message too.
    But he can multiply 3-digit numbers in his head. He added up the groceries we bought on Thanksgiving faster than the girl could enter the price into the computer.
    That’s kind of eerie to watch.

  19. TheEvanDude112
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby No Funnel as in Construction. and i Should Know! My Dads a Carpenter

  20. kalbuzzero
    | Reply

    I got my cat Mia from a farmer who used to shoot stray cats but then he found a kitten who he decided not to shoot and she became mine, i got my other cat Gia from a nice old cat lady, i saw the mouse 9 times and my favourite dessert is key lime pie

  21. MrJojo3810
    | Reply

    i saw the mouse eight times

  22. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @adiplexiglas — Thanks very much. I wasn’t a cat person either…until a friend’s kitten took a liking to me more than my friend…after that, I was hooked…plus, when I lived in NYC, a cat was so much easier to take care of.

  23. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @vickiormindyb — True, there is a lot going on in this one. Might need multiple viewings to catch everything. Sounds like your friend is a smart guy.

  24. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @kalbuzzero — Glad you were able to save the kitten from being shot. I also enjoy a good Key Lime Pie…but only if it’s good.

  25. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @MrJojo3810 — Thanks for watching!

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