Brown Anole Information & Care (Anolis sagrei)

Brown Anole Information & Care (Anolis sagrei)

By Chris M Jones

General Information

Brown anole lizards, like the green anole lizards are regularly imported into the UK in large numbers every year. They are more robust than the green anoles but are generally hardier. Males reach approximately 18cm, females slightly smaller at about 14cm. These are quite a dark species, with an overall brown to black colouration with white or yellowish markings along the body. Their dewlap however is a beautiful orange colouration, which makes this species most impressive when displayed. Brown anoles range from Florida and among many islands within the Caribbean. Their care is virtually identical to the green anole, and therefore much of the information within this care article can also be found in the green anole care sheet. It should be noted though that brown anoles are more dominant than green anoles, and should no be kept with other species.


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