Brinkley For Governor!

Dog Running For Governor In Alaska

Some might say the world is going to the dogs. Others are hoping!

One Alaskan gubernatorial candidate is an extreme long shot to win. But he’ll keep barking up every tree to turn out the vote.

Brinkley is a two year-old golden retriever who is the center of a write-in campaign for Alaska’s highest office.

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  1. Jill Warner
    | Reply

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  2. HART
    | Reply

    Hi Jill! Nice to know the readers of this blog … the feedburner count jumps up and down, and I’m never quite sure who’s going or coming .. or staying!

    This Blogathon sounds interesting .. I will have to read up on this and follow your links! In the meantime, if you need to build your arsenal of dog pictures … how about a couple Papillon animal pictures? (help yourself)

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