Bringing a Puppy into the Family

maltese-puppyPicking out a new puppy is a joyful experience, but it’s important to properly prepare for the newcomer. Purchasing supplies ahead of time and carefully planning the first days with the new pet will make the event less stressful and more fun for everyone involved.

Things to Think About

It’s important for families to discuss getting a puppy before they start looking. Certain decision shouldn’t be made while excitedly looking at a litter of adorable pups. Everyone needs to agree on a breed and where to get the puppy from. Dog books and online resources are excellent reference tools to help with these decisions.

Decide ahead of time which people will be expected to do which jobs. Figure out a feeding and walk schedule that includes who will be doing each task and when. Look for a reliable vet where the puppy can be taken for its first check-up. This visit may include de-worming and vaccinations. If all members of the family are gone during the day, a plan needs to be made for the puppy’s care. This could be an in-home sitter or a care center such as Paw Print Inn which is a doggie day care Michigan residents have available.

Prepare the House

A shopping trip before bringing the puppy home is required. The following items will be both useful and necessary.

• Food and Water Bowls
• Grooming Tools
• A Collar and Leash
• Bedding
• Toys
• A Crate
• Gates

Shopping ahead allows one time to look around for the best possible items rather than making a quick stop on the way home with the puppy in tow.

Back at home, the area where the puppy will be spending most of its time will need to be puppy proofed. Just like a toddler, puppies will get into all kinds of trouble. Tape down all loose cords, and place any chemicals out of reach. Removing breakables, rugs, and plants is also recommended. Put the gates up in doorways, and get the crate ready with bedding and toys so the puppy feels welcomed.
By purchasing all needed supplies ahead of time and preparing the home, much of the stress of bringing a new puppy home is eliminated. When all family members know what to expect and are fully prepared it becomes a joyful experience with memories that last a lifetime.

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