Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation is hitting the USA and Canada with full force. The breeds being banned are American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and several other “bully type” dogs.

Those who own these dogs are usually left with only one choice- get rid of the dog, or move out of the area. Can you imagine raising a dog that adores you, and then having the local government telling you that you have to get rid of the dog, move, or it will be put to sleep?

Yes, there have been “horror stories” about some of these dogs attacking. Those dogs who attacked are not your everyday house dog- they are owned by those who have either trained them to be mean or simply didn’t have enough experience with the breed (or dogs in general) and the dog had absolutly no socialization or proper training. Should all the dogs of a certain breed be banned due to a few mistakes made by PEOPLE?

I’ve worked with dogs for over 10 years- these dogs are all different breeds, from all walks of life. I have been bitten by a “bully breed” ONE time, and he was having a seizure when he bit me- therefore it was NOT his fault. I cannot count the number of times I have been bitten by a Poodle, Cocker Spaniel or Chihuahua… but are these breeds being banned- NOPE.

Banning a breed for the acts of a few dogs is no different than banning a race for the acts of a few people. Instead of putting all these dogs to death, why not make sure the owners are properly educated in the training of the breed, and can contain the dog properly?

Dogs should not be running loose, and should not be stuck outside all the time. Put more demands on pet owners- make sure they have a good way of containing the dog so that it isn’t a treat to anyone. Some cities have their laws set that you MAY own the bully breeds however the dog must be properly contained- if the dog is being walked it must be on a certain type of lead, and with a muzzle. The owner must also carry a hefty insurance policy in case the dog gets into trouble. This type of regulation is much better than telling owners to get rid of the dog or it will be put to sleep. Killing innocent dogs just because of the breed makes no sense at all!

I don’t personally own a bully breed, but I have been around enough of them to know that they are very good dogs. Don’t judge the breed by the acts of a few!

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