Bravery in a Small Package

SuperdogEveryday we face stressful and sometimes even scary situations, but whom do we call on for help? Maybe our neighbor, friend or family member can provide advice or lend a helping hand. But do you ever consider what your pet might have to offer? Pets are admired for many reasons such as their affection, company and unconditional love. But what happens when their unconditional love is tested? Will they sacrifice their life to save another’s life?

In April 2007, a Jack Russell terrier named George died protecting five children from pit bulls. Jack Russell terriers are sturdy and devoted dogs that weigh on average 16 pounds and stand between 10 to 15 inches high. George was no match for the pit bulls, but he stood his ground and rescued five children that could have potentially been seriously injured or died.

The British High Commission will be honoring George by presenting his owner Alan Gay with the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor (PDSA) Gold Medal next month. This medal was originally given to civilians, but in 2001 it was awarded to pets that risked their lives to save a human or animal life. To date, the medal has been awarded to 15 dogs.

Whenever your pet puts forth the effort to do something good and think of someone else, this behavior should be supported. Praising their good deeds is important so that they feel appreciated and needed. Some ways you can praise your pet is to take them to the park for some fresh air and exercise. If you have an indoor pet, set time aside to play and exercise with them. You can also treat them to a toy or gourmet food, but save these rewards for special occasions.

George’s heroic action will be remembered and appreciated for a long time to come. His story goes to show that you can never underestimate the intelligence, compassion and bravery of pets.

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  1. dosox
    | Reply

    The picture looks funny but i love it. This post reminded me of something. Last night I saw dozens of stray dogs in the streets. The dirty poor dogs were all in search of their foods.
    It was really a pity to see them moving around with no food to eat.. At that moment i went too emotional…
    BTW I always love every kind of animals…

    Read with full satisfaction

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