Bonding With & Taming Your Budgie

In this video, i will show you how to tame & bond with your budgies correctly. Since birds are somewhat skittish, it may take a long time to tame them and it is easy for them to loose their trust in you if you do something wrong. You need to research the correct way to do this very thoroughly. That’s why i made this video- to help new budgie owners with their birds.

Step 1) Leave your budgie alone in a quiet room for 2 or 3 days, so they have time to settle in and get used to their new surroundings.

Step 2) Slowly start approaching the cage and talking to them in a calm, gentle voice while cleaning the cage and changing their food & water.

Step 3) Simply lay your hand at the bottom of the cage for about 5 minutes several times a day and let them get used to you. Don’t chase them or even move your hand closer. Just let them get used to your hand. Also talk to them softly. Make sure you don’t move your hand. Keep is completely still.

Step 4) Start to offer them treats & millet from your hand. It’s best to start to hold the millet out by it’s stem, and once your budgie is comfortable with eating that, you can place it in the palm of your hand or some bird seed in your hand. Getting your budgie to trust you enough to eat out of your hand my take awhile, but soon they won’t resist but take a few bites. Make sure you never chase them around or shove the treat at them; this will ruin any trust they have gained in you.

Step 5) Once your budgie is comfortable with eating food from you, start to lure them onto your finger. But remember: don’t rush this process. It is very important to be patent, gentle, and quiet around them at all times. If your budgie is comfortable with eating food from your hand, then you can start to lure them up onto your finger.

Step 6) Keep working with them! After your bird is comfortable with eating food from your hand and sitting on your finger, keep taming them every day and strengthen your bond together! Teach them tricks, let them have free time out of the cage, play games together, and more! If you bond with your budgies correctly, you will have a life-long bond with them for 10+ years!!!!! The most important thing is to always BE PATENT!! I know all of this stuff seems like a lot of unnecessary work just to play with a budgie, but it isn’t. If you grab your budgie, force them out of their cage, chase them, and not tame them correctly, you will have a very unhappy bird and your bird will end up not liking you & even hating you. Please be patient with them! Trust me, i have researched this a lot, plus i know from personal experience. Some budgies will be tamed in only a week or two, but some can take as a long as a few months to a year! It took Crayons about 2+ months to be fully tamed, and I’m still actually working with Blizzard. Just be patent and follow these steps, and you will have a budgie that is totally tamed & bonded with you! 🙂 xxx

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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13 Responses

    | Reply

    This video had helped me so much throughout my budgie journey..I've have my budgies for a few weeks and the bondingtaming process is going amazing!
    I've used these steps and my budgies are now eating of my hand which is amazing as I know they are slowly warming up to me!
    Thank you so much for the helpful video🐦

  2. [Catx] MrCatX99
    | Reply

    My bird will not move and will only eat when I am gone any suggestions to help?

  3. Md Sohel
    | Reply

    what is the music

  4. ANASTASJA Sokolovski
    | Reply

    Thank you! It worked… well he doesn't eat out of my hand but he is more tame

  5. Ohmazian
    | Reply

    I just got my budgie. I have held them. they have sit on my shoulder. sometimes when I put my hand in they back up a little bit. I feel like I'm going to fast and don't wanna mess this up. they are only a weeks old. got them from a breeder. they no longer bite me. is everything ok or do I need to slow down?

  6. TheGuyInDisguise Vlogs
    | Reply

    Lol I just love it how she mentions people immediately grabbing their budgie.

  7. TrooperJules
    | Reply

    hI, I've had my budgie for about a month and a half, he sits on my finger and lets me stroke him but I don't feel like we have a connection. Its like he isn't interested in me and just sits on me finger. He doesn't bite but doesn't eat from my finger. Plz help

  8. Budgie Lover
    | Reply

    My budgie isn't tame yet… But I've been trying to get her used to my hand for 6 months.

  9. Evan Redrobe
    | Reply

    My budgie hates me😢she keeps biting me!!!!

  10. Eleonore Rebilly
    | Reply

    Hi, could someone please help me/give me advice? I basically have a 3 year old budgie who is untamed and I’ve tried for so long to tame him but it doesn’t work and yes I’m very gentle and patient. Anyway, today I got him a new friend (3 months old) and I am scared that I will not be able to tame him because of the other budgie? What should I do? Thank you x

  11. 10 01
    | Reply

    Thank you SO much for this video! It is very clear, straightforward and honest! This is my favourite taming video.
    Because of this, my budgies are now willing to eat from my hand! ^v^

  12. Daniel Herrera
    | Reply

    I want to do this but I have an annoying little sister who keeps grabbing them :C

  13. That mare from Ohio
    | Reply

    This is so helpful…thank you so much

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