Bird Care : What to Do if a Bird Is Lost or Flies Away

If your bird is lost or flies away, search for the bird nearby, put out fliers and talk to neighbors and friends. Get advice about escaped birds from a bird …

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25 Responses

  1. Mastroianni MC
    | Reply

    Wtf a bird club

  2. sam kayumov
    | Reply

    i have a budgie that flew away today i cant find him please help

  3. CatsRus
    | Reply

    My cousins budgie flew away and it’s my fault for taking her out of the
    cage. But the workers left all the windows open upstairs and she flew up
    there, and was in the bathroom for about 7 minutes, but the worker never
    closed the window and she took off :(

  4. Johnnyhorse10 -Minecraft
    | Reply

    I lost my male parakeet just today. Its gone forever 🙁 I miss him alot I
    just got him 3 days ago now he flew away into the sky I can’t find him :(

  5. Olivia Warner
    | Reply

    My budgie flew away yesterday we put posters up and every thing but we
    couldn’t find him we put out food and he didn’t come back and then there
    was a storm

  6. Spicky
    | Reply

    My parrot flew away yesterday hope he comes back soon !

  7. Mia Martin
    | Reply

    My bird flew away two years ago and we just found him today.we watched this
    video just in case it happened again. 

  8. Olivia Palmer
    | Reply

    My male cockatiel has ran away and we live in a forest area soooooo might
    be a little harder finding him because of all the other parrots

  9. 0pus0ne72
    | Reply

    my budgie flew away while I was cleaning their cage, perched to our
    neighbour’s apple tree 5 steps away from our conservatory. I put a few
    drops of anise seed oil on our fence and also a small tray with seeds
    whilst I was getting a small cage well known to my budgie, I also put the 3
    juvenile and his partner as they will surely keep chirping and will attract
    his attention, it was just a step of 1,2, 3 and his back in the cage. when
    I held him in my hand I can tell that he was a bit excited too and happy to
    get back with his flock. 

  10. All about pets
    | Reply

    My Alex flew away and on the third day we got a call and we went and picked
    her up

  11. Aleks.
    | Reply


  12. MsFiddle3
    | Reply

    Also, put the birds cage outside where it can be seen and the bird may go
    into it when it is time for bed, also you can try bird seed on a tray.
    When it is time for the bird to go to bed, go out and see if you can have
    them ‘step-up’.

  13. Daniyal Khawar
    | Reply

    I actually want to MAKE my bird fly way, but when I open his cage he does
    not, he is absolutely not a trained bird, I would pick him by my hand and
    release him but I fear that he won’t be able to fly and a cat can eat him!

  14. Luke Flierl
    | Reply

    The green one is a severe macaw

  15. Lisa Springfield
    | Reply


  16. 1StevenTaylor
    | Reply

    hello, I had a A. Parrot, My brother passed and we got the bird, had him5
    -6 yrds, we hung him out most day in cage, We moved and after 3 months
    someone stold him, course poilce have not found him, 2 1/2 yrs, some told
    us who took him, what I want to know would still know the words we taught
    him so if I come acoss him would he say this word or do they forget..very
    close to the bird.. If anyone comes across a bird that saids You want a
    cold beer, or Mark ( would Call Mark bro that pass. Thanks!

  17. wjnetwork
    | Reply

    Cool! First Commenter! Anyways Awesome Video!

  18. tattoonsblossom
    | Reply

    i lost my parakeet once . the spring on his cage door was broken and i
    did’t know so i opened the window and he pushed the door open and took off.
    the first thing i did was tie the door shut so the other one did’t get out
    if this some thing like this happens to you and you have more then one you
    have to secure the other birds. then i ran out side and started looking for
    him thank fully he’s a chatter box so i could tell him apart from the local
    birds and i soon reunited him with all his freinds.

  19. creighton wodarski
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is a white faced pearl. His name is nubbins

  20. sam slatts
    | Reply

    @BliindSniip3R hey sorry to here that, i hope you find him. I can imagine
    how worried you are.

  21. kalsoom ghayas
    | Reply

    i have a budgie and its good that we live in an apartment

  22. Brad Barnes
    | Reply

    We are going to talk about birds “Chirp” *Om Noms Noms her shirt*

  23. Rose Tsukiyomi
    | Reply

    Thats not true. Some can fly quite far and will travel quite far. And if
    the bird isnt happy or just wants to fly they will fly away to escape. Or
    if the bird is from the wild they will fly away to escape to go back home.
    They are birds and each one is different. Now as for preventing this i
    would suggest working with them to come when called. Work slowly and with
    treats and you could see results as soon as a week.

  24. creighton wodarski
    | Reply

    My cockatiel flew away last year sad

  25. tomsacadden
    | Reply

    that bird on your shoulder is sooo at one with you!

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