Bird Care : Teaching a Bird to Talk

Teaching your bird to talk requires talking to the bird with repetition of words or phrases the bird likes to mimic. Teach a bird to talk with tips from a bi…

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34 Responses

  1. Bryanna Michelle Akins
    | Reply

    that is another name for a galah bird…it’s 2 different names for the same bird.

  2. aymar trabshi
    | Reply

    yes i have one and he talk

  3. Parrot Channel
    | Reply


  4. shalini0332
    | Reply

    can cocktiels talk ?

  5. Marta Felix
    | Reply

    A galah is a cockatoo lauren

  6. SpookshowBaby00
    | Reply

    same thing as a rose breasted cockatoo….

  7. SpookshowBaby00
    | Reply

    a galah IS a rose breasted cockatoo….. duh…. dont correct people if you dont know what youre talking about.

  8. Lauren Burley
    | Reply

    im sorry but that is a galah not a cockatoo…..good advise though

  9. mohid syed
    | Reply

    noooo thse parrots are trained by professionls but still they r nt perfect and they r telling us to make them 100% perfect

  10. danoohxXx
    | Reply

    Watch my parrot opens soda ( watch?v=g_uaiMQFr2s&feature=p­lcp ) its my first video , i need support plz :c

  11. np091899
    | Reply

    Every single bird can talk large or small u can also use a tape recorder and record words over and over

  12. gutesrudilein
    | Reply

    Thumbs UP from Germany:-) Best Regards Gutesrudilein.My Budgie can speak German:)))

  13. miniclipangree
    | Reply

    thumbs up if this is thje best site

  14. cuka2coool
    | Reply

    My bird does the kissing noise too 🙂

  15. Odel Snowy
    | Reply


  16. EVIL0x0KIING
    | Reply

    الي وده يسكن معها يعطيني لايك

  17. Tree Pyro
    | Reply

    Y i no teach him slapnese??!!

  18. john smith
    | Reply

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  19. zenalunapuppy
    | Reply

    i heard the lori trying to meow :3 why dident you bring him/her out? loris are exellent talkers!

  20. zenalunapuppy
    | Reply

    extreme on the ditto.

  21. Shokk85
    | Reply

    They are actually the same bird with a different name, just as Corella’s are called Bare eyed Cockatoo’s in America and budgie’s are called parakeets

  22. happybird0422
    | Reply

    …….he’s a galah. NOT a bloody rose breasted cockatoo.

  23. Syphon559
    | Reply


  24. Alana Kryzkij
    | Reply

    can umbrella cockatoos talk?

  25. Ekulizor
    | Reply

    What kind of bird was it again?

  26. pixidust06
    | Reply

    This video did not teach me anything…

  27. copperchan
    | Reply

    They have many names, Galah is used in Australia, and in America it’s about 60% rose breasted cockatoo, and the other %40 call them Galahs. I call them Galah’s myself, I think it’s silly we don;t use their Australian name lol.

  28. hearthehorsesrun
    | Reply

    I love how you can always hear the Moluccan screaming in the background! Just like mine lol

    | Reply

    thats actually a galah….

  30. Kelsey Frost
    | Reply

    This hasn’t taught me how to teach a parrot to talk at all…

  31. MegaAnnajo
    | Reply

    I have a jenny conure can they talk?

  32. Shota Babunashvili
    | Reply

    I have a 1 year old bird. is boy and Cant Say Hes Name KOKO Pls Say ME i wery wont

  33. MagicAccent
    | Reply

    Pink… Floyd?

  34. undeadpresident
    | Reply

    Why don’t people ever teach them to ask for food or something?

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