Bird Breeds and their Care

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By Kiya Sama

So you’ve decided to get a bird as a pet. Here is a guideline to different breeds, how to care and general characteristics to get you familiarized with your new pet.

Finches – the popular breeds are: gray singing, green singing, society finch, and zebra finch. Cages should be a box-type or they can be kept in an aviary. They need perches and some might need baths. The regular size of such cages range 20x10x12 inches. Some finches are good singers, and many have fine markings and beautiful color combinations. Popular breeds are relatively inexpensive.

Canaries – the popular breeds are: roller, gloster, border canary, red-factor canary and other smaller varieties. They need perches and bath in their cages which range in sizes 20x14x16 inches. These birds can range from the inexpensive to the expensive. Good cage birds can be kept in aviary with other see-eating species, even some softbills. They are brightly colored, sweet singers (if male, though some hens sing a little).

Soft-billed birds (non-seed eating) – One such soft-billed bird is the Pekin robin. It can be housed alone or in pairs in an indoor cage – 30x18x26 inches. These birds are strong, lively and strong singers (particularly males). They have beautiful plumage, couples are quite affectionate and they need water daily.

Shama is another soft-billed bird that can be housed alone or in pairs in aviary. It must stay indoors in winter. They tend to mimic everything from rusty gate to nightingale. They can be quite exuberant.

The Golden-fronted leafbird is another soft-billed bird that can be kept in a cage or aviary with other smaller species. Cage sizes tend to range in 32x20x24 inches. The males sing sweetly. They are brightly colored and easily tamed.

Parrots – The Budgerigar (small species of parrots) can stay in cage size 24x12x16 inches with horizontal wire. They may also house in aviary. Spray the cage on warm days with mist sprayer. They come in many colors and can learn words if taught young. They are affectionate, sometimes noisy and relatively inexpensive.

The Lovebird is another breed of parrots that can stay in a cage size 23x12x16 inches with horizontal wire. They are affectionate if hand-reared. They come in many colors and are relatively inexpensive.

The South American parakeets (concure, Aratinga etc.) and Asiatic parakeets can stay in a cage 47x36x36 inches. They are curious and beautifully colored and quite noisy.

Australian parakeets can stay in cages 47x36x36 inches. They can be aggressive and good pets only if hand-reared. They can also be kept in aviary with other parakeet species and finches.

The Lory and Lorikeet need nectar mixture, fruits, and honey. They are beautifully colored and affectionate. Cage sizes can be 47x36x36 inches like the Australian parakeets.

The African gray parrot is a good talker and can mimic quite well. They are capricious and feather pickers. Cage sizes should be 59x59x63 inches.

The Amazon Parrot should have a cage as big as the African gray parrot. They are also good talkers and mimic others well. They need space but can be quite hard to breed.

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