Biggest mistakes ferret owners make – FERRET DIET.

Here Dr. David Vella speaks about the biggest mistakes made by ferret owners. The biggest mistakes are normally related to the ferret diet (surprise, surprise). Here he touches on the subjects of an all meat ferret diet, feeding ferrets whole animals and ferret teeth care. For more ferret info visit my website at and join my Facebook page on

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13 Responses

  1. Scammer Hunters
    | Reply

    That helped a lot, I was thinking about getting a ferret but I wasn’t able to go to my vet to ask them so this helped a lot

  2. Evgen Patotskiy
    | Reply

    I learned about diet thanks to WooPep Team.

  3. Maggie Riojas
    | Reply

    I agree with the balancing deal diet. I used to feed my ferret Wal-Mart ferret food. She liked it but I switched her to Marshall foods now. Since she was farm raised, I'm having a bit of trouble getting her to eat raw meats. I'm putting blood in her dry food as well.

  4. Claudio Schwab
    | Reply

    you know that you can get frozen mice and rats from a petstore

  5. Dog Ferret
    | Reply

    I know not everyone hunts but I do so thats the diet I feed.

  6. jerobussio
    | Reply

    not all of us are hunters

  7. Clueblue109
    | Reply

    Is it better to feed them ferret food or kitty food or is the same? How often do u feed them a mouse?

  8. macaulay131
    | Reply

    do u have to feed them meat

  9. Dog Ferret
    | Reply

    lol You could use rats or pigeons theyl eat most meat. Tonight I fed mine a grey squirrel.

  10. Breanna Zbeeshko
    | Reply

    rabbits! really, well theres a problem for me, i have a pet rabbit, and i want a ferret 😐
    i guess ill be buying lots of steaks xDD hahaha

  11. Estefania perez
    | Reply

    "Its A Recession Round Here"lol

  12. Dog Ferret
    | Reply

    I wouldnt even consider dry food for my ferrets. I give my ferrets whole animals. Rabbit during ferreting season and just about anything else I shoot. On the odd occasion I dont have any whole animals Ill give them chicken wings. Tonight theyre having dove.

  13. Tettra Martak
    | Reply

    Biggest mistake. (microwave)

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