BIG pet cat Oreo lounging cleaning ~ laying funny ~ annoyed stare

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Our BIG cat Oreo lounging on the couch & cleaning himself. He seems annoyed with me and just wants to finish his cleaning. Towards the end of the video he looks at me like “what the hell do you want”. LOL This cat is LONG & BIG = 22 Lbs. Stow, Ohio

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. sturm6574
    | Reply

    That’s my grand-kitty!

  2. StowAlex
    | Reply

    ~ LOL ~

  3. HoneymoonCampers
    | Reply

    He’s a big boy! Just like our Chester!

  4. colornedge
    | Reply

    He seems very happy and clean 😀

  5. SSArt98
    | Reply

    He’s like, “Can’t you see I’m busy taking a bath,give me some privacy”!

  6. silverpoint16
    | Reply

    I was laughing my head off when I watched this. Attitude wise he’s exactly like my 19 pounder Thomas right down to the penetrating looks and then you get ignored.. It’s uncanny.

  7. Suzan4B
    | Reply

    oh this is so funny!! Actually you got one really long “what are you looking at?” in the early part of the voodoo too!!! Hysterical! He has 22 lbs. of “linkage” to do before he’s clean! I love Oreo!

  8. holan311985
    | Reply

    love this !!!!!

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