Big Cat Rescue, Tampa FL

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Ligers, Servals, Ocelots, Cougars… Big Cat Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to the care of exotic cats. We provide a permanent home for unwanted wildcats and we educate the public in order to eliminate the causes of abandonment and abuse. Your voice for better laws and your tax deductible donations will make it possible to end the abuse. With your help we can end the suffering and give these great cats a home for life. Formore info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: Find us on FACEBOOK MYSPACE: TWITTER: DONATE: THANK YOU! IF YOU TEXT – TIGER TO 20222 *A one-time donation of will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Standard messaging/data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the Big Cat Rescue by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found at You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to short code 20222; HELP to 20222 for help.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. BigCatRescue

    Thanks, hope you make it to the sanctuary someday! 🙂

  2. drgnfly829

    would love to come down and see the care these guys get they look great.
    have worked on an f1 savannah and it was weird how the behaviors would switch from wild to domestic animal in a second
    luckily he was 10 lbs
    you’re brave. a 10 lb dsh can do some damage…
    but these animals are magnificent
    wated a lynx at one point figured i could provide the care, but they live 30 years and bond with one person, would eat my regular cats…
    even so a visit is on my list

  3. BigCatRescue

    Hope you make it to BCR for a visit sometime in the future 🙂

  4. animalartist16

    Where in Tampa is the sanctuary? I’ve been to Tampa, and I don’t live too far away, but I’ve never seen or heard any specific location or address, because I’d love to visit one day 🙂 I’m also an artist, and I’m working on my portfolio this year in AP art, and I’d love if I could get some photos for my concentration. I love animals and want my concentration to be focused on them somehow, and I need references that aren’t copyrighted by others. Also, do you charge to get in? And how much if so?

  5. BigCatRescue

    We are located across the road from Citrus Park Mall – 12802 Easy Street, Tampa FL 33625. If you let me know what sort of photos you are looking for I could send you a few of mine no problem, hope you can make it for a visit someday 🙂

  6. AceOfSpadesX


  7. BigCatRescue

    Rasta cat 🙂 That’s “Dances with wolves” our only Canadian Lynx!

  8. AceOfSpadesX

    Beautiful, it looks like it has dread locks! Any vids with a closer look on her?

  9. BigCatRescue

    Not yet, but a species spotlight on canadian lynx is in the works, keep watching!

  10. xxxrandomjamezxxx

    nice video

  11. MuerteyMalevolencia



  12. LottsaLasagna

    We need to Close down all circus’s

  13. spoonofdeath4

    i live like 20 mins from this place i wanted 2 go so bad… havent yet

  14. syderwarp

    SCOTT n BCR FREAKN’ RAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  15. AmericanCritiquer

    I’d never go to a circus or to a zoo (except field trips in grade school) but I could see going to this place and not feeling like I abandoned my moral values.

  16. dickheadrules

    i so want to go to this place… but im not in the US right now. 🙁

  17. Poeboi

    What’s that white cat? I mean what breed is it?

  18. BigCatRescue

    @Poeboi That is Tonga one of our white servals, we have two at BCR, the only two that we know of in the world!

  19. ButterCupHeartz22

    Wait..Holy shit…..ligers exist…Awesome!

  20. GottaloveNicole

    Have you thought about trying to save Cheetahs? or are there none you can save?

  21. BigCatRescue

    @GottaloveNicole Cheetahs aren’t commonly kept as “pets” like tigers/lions etc… so we are never notified of cheetahs that need rescuing. If there was a cheetah that needed rescuing there are a lot of people who would pay for the cat (backyard breeders who sell and exploit cats) so we never hear about the cats in the first place 🙁

  22. Syathus

    Its my dream to work with tigers and other big cats when I get old enough to, I just hope it happens ^^
    good luck with your rescuing!



  24. StarrzPlanet

    i love this vid. i think what your organization does is rly great. =) keep up the good work.

  25. Rissenya

    There is no place for wildness in this world… People live everywhere … We have filled the world completely.