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Doctor Hess: So, what are the best bird pets for beginners? People who’ve never had birds before.

Well, definitely the best birds not to get when you’ve just started out with birds are large birds, like Macaws. Even Cockatoos or African Greys.

It’s very tempting to get those birds because they’re phenomenal. They’re smart. They talk. They’re very interactive. But, they really require quite a bit of care.

So, we usually recommend that you start out with something a little smaller. Maybe a Parakeet, a Budgerigar or a Cockatiel.

If you want something a little bit bigger you could consider a medium sized parrot. Maybe a Conure or a Caique. I don’t know. What would you say, Sarah?

Sarah: I would say that birds this size are about among the best for beginners. While these guys can be a little louder than a Parakeet or a Cockatiel, they’re also very smart and playful.

When I think that a lot of times what people are looking for when they want to get a bird, they want that bird that’s going to bond with them. That’s going to play with them.

And a lot of these smaller birds are very smart. They can learn tricks. They can do different behaviors and you can really work with them. And I think it’s a good opportunity for people to learn how to work behaviorally with a bird if you get a smaller one. And then, when they’re ready they can move on to the bigger birds.

Doctor Hess: Yeah. Good things come in small packages. You know, birds don’t have to be huge to be fun and interactive. They’re a little less intimidating when they’re small. I think people do develop a comfort level with little birds.

And when they’re ready they can even move up and have more than one bird.

But, please, please don’t rush out as your first bird and get a big, big Macaw. I think that you’ll be disappointed and that it may be a little more than you expect. And that bird will live with you then for another 30, 40 years.

And, until you’re sure you’re really a bird person, maybe it’s best to start with something a little smaller.

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24 Responses

  1. Mackenzie OmgICANT
    | Reply

    Bish huts get what u want if u want a Macaw get a macaw just Rember That it's much more responsibility

  2. Savage Gabanator
    | Reply

    Sun conure?

  3. len17948
    | Reply

    What has size got to do with personality of the birds? Does small bird mean less work and less interactive?!

  4. Michelle Yang
    | Reply

    Pigeons. Doves. Chickens. Ducks. These are better birds than parrots because they have actually been domesticated and so will probably interact better with humans unlike parrots which a lot of are caught in the wild. Although their care might be very different I have heard they are a bit hardier than parrots

  5. Adi Dars
    | Reply

    Cockateil is a good one?

  6. Kate loves sans
    | Reply

    Guh people train their birds to do all sorts of tricks 2 of my birds can step up step down shake and lemme pet their heads but I also have anther one who hates everyone and won't let you near him

  7. Demir
    | Reply

    what conure is that on her hand :O its amazing

  8. Hannah Grace Myers
    | Reply

    i have a GCC with a yellow sided mutation ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. B. Nunes
    | Reply

    My bird is cockatiel

  10. ู‚ูŠู…ู†ู‚ ูˆุงู„ุนุงุจ ุณูˆู†ูŠ4
    | Reply

    ุนู„ู‰ ุฒู‚

  11. shauryaan Jain
    | Reply

    O no i have a macaw farm

  12. Dare Wolf
    | Reply

    best starter is a chicken

  13. Christian Pepe
    | Reply

    Birds aren't as much of a pain in the neck as some may say, speaking for larger birds. If your not an idiot and not like that girl at the dentist in Nemo you shouldn't have a problem. Do research though and make sure you want it.

  14. Svarฤ‘e
    | Reply

    My goal is only make my macaw calm and relaxed. Unless playful macaws are great, but I don't care about being too playful or too much energy. I want my macaw will be relaxed and happy.

  15. Livia Oliveira
    | Reply

    That's a great video

  16. Courtney Norris
    | Reply

    So your saying that Cassowary I just adopted was a bad idea?

  17. MoonLighttXx
    | Reply

    How about a Meyer's Parrot? I currently own a Budgiegar and Ive been looking into Meyer's Parrots, and it says that they make great pets for new bird people, I also find the way they act tends to be the kind of behavior I like and will enjoy. So what do you think? They match my lifestyle quiet well.

  18. That one kid Aka memes
    | Reply

    What species is the bird on the left

  19. WildLifeHD
    | Reply

    What was the species of bird she was holding?

  20. Elidad Santibanez
    | Reply

    Aww Mann what about my chicken ๐Ÿ—

  21. Infinite Gaming
    | Reply

    you shouldn't keep a bird. your holding them in captivity, nowhere to move or to fly. it's like jail.

  22. pheonix L.A.D
    | Reply

    What was that big red bird on the cage door?

  23. Bob the builder Ok
    | Reply

    I use to love how cast

  24. Sneaky Sneaky Panda
    | Reply

    Anyone else get a suggested vid titled "how to make cheddar bacon ranch chicken pasta" seems a little… out of place on a beginner bird video…

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