Behavior Modification In Dogs and Cats

Behavior Modification In Dogs and Cats at

Top Ten List of Pet Behavior Questions

Top 5 Q & A Presented by:

Dr. Manette Kohler
– Housetraining
– Barking Dog
– Stool Eating
– Feline Aggression
– Missing the Litter Box

Top 5 Q & A Presented by:

Dr. Diana B. Beam
– Fear and Aggression
– Feline Aging Problems
– Adding A New Cat
– Dogs and Separation Anxiety
– Cats on the Counters

NOTE: From Dr. Dunn… There is a new product that seems very successful in alleviating behavioral and anxiety problems in dogs and cats. For info go to and type into the search window FELIWAY for the feline product and D.A.P. for the canine product.

Behavior Modification in dogs and cats!

During Dr. Kohler’s and Dr. Beam’s careers in veterinary medicine they have answered thousands of requests for information about animal behavior, including their excellent work for’s online “Ask The Vet” service. Behavior counseling, a highly valued segment of veterinary medicine, provides great assistance to pet owners who have difficulty making their pets understand what is expected of them. The dog or cat has to know what the owner desires; and the owner must know how to communicate on the pet’s level in order for a desired behavioral change to take place. Sadly, many pets have been abandoned, dropped off at shelters or even euthanized because of behavioral abnormalities… many of which may have been corrected if the pet owner only knew how to communicate with their pet in a manner that the pet understands.

The key factors in animal behavior modification are:
– Making sure the pet understands your command
– Following through on your demand that the command is obeyed
– Rewarding correct behaviors
– Repetition of desired behaviors



Click the above link for the full story..
“The Internet Animal Hospital”

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