Beginning R+ Training – Day 14/14 – Puppies playing + clicker training!

Beginning R+ Training - Day 14/14 - Puppies playing + clicker training!

YouTube Description

Deeps had met a lot of different dogs in our neighborhood but he hadn’t met any puppies that weren’t his siblings! So off we went to puppy class to work on his clicker training in the face of distractions and socializing with other puppies his own size. The trainer we worked with was fantastic – we were so incredibly lucky to find this facility. Do a little research before you pick a puppy class and make sure it’s positive reinforcement based! I learned a lot from our trainer. This vlog took way longer to post than intended but it’s still following the timeline – taken one day after the previous vlog. More videos coming soon! Follow for more Deeps! Blog: Twitter Music is royalty-free from Incompetech:

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10 Responses

  1. HowDoIDog
    | Reply

    I’m sorry, I will try to reduce future cute doses by 25%. Please consult your doctor before consuming more than´╗┐ one Deeps video per day.

  2. rlichter78
    | Reply

    Aww ok´╗┐ yay! Thanks ­čśÇ

  3. HowDoIDog
    | Reply

    Not by a long shot! The daily vlogs are over but this channel will get about two new videos a week. The next new video´╗┐ should be up in a day or two. ­čśÇ

  4. HowDoIDog
    | Reply

    Yep! I’ll be getting him his CGC and if his temperament continues how it’s going right now I would like to do service work with him. At the very´╗┐ least I’ll teach him service commands for my own entertainment. :p

  5. King Stitch
    | Reply

    Awww shooo cuuuuutteee!´╗┐

  6. kalibaby22
    | Reply

    random thought, have you ever thought of training´╗┐ him for canine good citizen, or service dog training, when hes a bit older? more socialization+”working”= everybody wins!

  7. Inkonweb
    | Reply

    ow watch out Jas, there going to sue your puppy for stealing some piano stuff i didnt know existed ^_^ and you as hes´╗┐ accomplice

  8. nipper1184
    | Reply

    Deeps the Wonder Dog´╗┐ and his faithful sidekick…White Fluffy Pup

  9. rlichter78
    | Reply

    14/14 … does this mean the vids are over?? :/´╗┐

  10. bogotter
    | Reply

    You know…..this´╗┐ really is too much cute packed into 3 minutes.

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