Becoming the ALPHA Dog!

Becoming the ALPHA Dog!

by Ray Coleiro

Technically speaking, dogs as a separate species are supposed to be evolved from the wolves. Research indicates that the wolf mutated into several breeds, according to the climate, geography and the environment. As these separate breeds were assimilated and socially integrated into the human society, they became distinct as the domesticated dog. So you see, what we have as the pure bred dogs today, might not share the blood of the wolves any more but they do retain some instincts. One of these is the pack mentality.

Part of a Pack

Living in a pack made it easier for a breed to care for each other and provided the comforts of home, hearth and companionship. But not all were equal in a pack. There had to be a leader, who could unite them and dictate the terms for the rest. This was the Alpha. The pack was so structured that the Alpha had the first and last say. He led the pack. He ate first. He decided the movement of the pack. The rest had to accept his dominance and follow.

Submission to the Alpha dog was absolute, because he was stronger, more powerful, and wiser and it wasn’t easy to defeat him. Any one who tried to challenge the leadership was hunted down. If the Alpha of the pack was powerful, there was no room for dissent and the motto was “Follow the leader”.

Consequently, the pack unity was attributed to the Alpha. Rules were set by the Alpha and the others picked up his lead. Somehow this one leader helped reign in the inherent wildness in the individual members and convert them into a coherent group. Think about it- a whole bunch of untamed species, united under a powerful leader to maintain the discipline and harmony of the pack. Till today the pack mentality of some breeds of dogs requires that they be led.

What’s the big deal about being Alpha?

The big deal about being Alpha of the pack is that it’s the alpha dog that gets the respect. He’s the top dog who is at the top of the social structure. He not only command the respect, he is also obeyed. His word is the rule that must be adhered to. The moment he lays stake to the leadership of the pack, all the rest have to fall into line. Obedience is forthcoming and discipline becomes a way of life. Simply put, if you are the Alpha dog, you’re the one in charge.

Usually the alpha dog is male which is why if your pet is a female, she is more likely to accept your position of control. An alpha dog is always much more confident, fearless and in control. The alpha dog is also more affectionate which makes him a good pet. This dog knows his way around and can bully anyone into a corner or make anyone succumb to his charms. There is no need to be big to be the alpha. You just need that mental makeup to lead and dominate others.

Dogs, ever since they have been domesticated, are the only unique species that has accepted the dominance of human beings. The tag, “Man’s best friend”, comes from the fact that they have learned to live with human beings, not because they are stupid enough to take orders, but because they are intelligent enough to discern the owner who can command their respect, just like the alpha in their pack. Take a look around and you will see that there will be one person in the family, whom the dog will respect above all the others- that person is the alpha who they have decide to follow.

So when it comes to living with a dog, it is a big deal being the alpha!

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