Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Walk a Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn to walk a dog in this free video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. skyjumper00766
    | Reply

    I have trained dogs for several years. The method of slapping your wife to shut her up “works” too, but it’s not a good method. Stay in the garden (or kitchen) and leave dog training to real professionals.

  2. WDWtony
    | Reply

    How do you train a huskey not to pull…there are times where he pulls and it feels that my shoulder will rip off. He is just over 1 year old.

  3. jimmyluc
    | Reply

    LOL go and on the captions at 1:24 LOL good walk ver good walk blah blah blah

  4. ljproductions466
    | Reply

    i no mine too its so annoying

  5. ljproductions466
    | Reply

    r u gonna stay hunched the whole walk… lol

  6. pufffy57
    | Reply

    its not bad to fuck your dog it you take it out for dinner first and get a couple of beers in his system cause what the dog doesnt know wont hurt him . right right 🙂

  7. MrReesonalex
    | Reply

    put a pair of doggy pants on him, same rules apply with girls. if you can bust right through its not rape hahaha

  8. pufffy57
    | Reply

    dude somethins wrong with you. dogs don’t wear pants. fuckin TARD

  9. MrReesonalex
    | Reply

    your a pair of bloody dog pants

  10. TeamPNYY
    | Reply

    what the frak?

  11. ilovejustinbieber20
    | Reply

    @WDWtony make a noise with your mouth and say no

  12. CarolineJDillard
    | Reply

    Tried that daily for a week, but it only works for a few minutes and then she runs ahead. So we stop, and then she sits. I call her to come to me, and we walk again, she looses interest in the treat, runs ahead and around we go. She does not get the point. How long does it take?

  13. pemkaulitzbilllover4
    | Reply

    omg how can u have such a dog??!!! they are uglier then the pitbulls well dont get offended i ended up wit a pitbull/lab yea its a mutt. but she is a beauty!! nd i thought i would never get those kinds of dogs i alwayz dreamed of a pomeranium or a yorkie<3

  14. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    @CarolineJDillard For your dog clearly longer than a week. Hope you’re doing better now, 2 months after you posted this.

  15. breadstax
    | Reply

    ok guys in my hand were the treat would be is a large stick or a newspaper my dog knows if he pulls the leash he gets whats in my hand. got it. quite putting clothes on your dogs. you bunch of doggie treat dispensers.

  16. xbronx169
    | Reply

    ok my dog is like awsome she does EVERY thing i want her to do.

  17. CarolineJDillard
    | Reply

    @EvelineUK , yes thanks. Much better now. Stopped the treat idea because it was not working. If she pulled, I simply stopped so that she learnt pulling does not get her anywhere. Still pulls if we are near the dog park, but when it is just the two of us we are doing better. She is a little beagle and has to smell everything…..

  18. digimongear
    | Reply

    is that really how you’re suppose to walk a dog? because i’ve seen it done differently by the dog whisperer.

  19. jetf22raptor
    | Reply

    @digimongear different technic same result who cares.

  20. grandmalikewoah123
    | Reply

    I just got my dog yesturday and he follows me he like to lick me and he does EVERYTHING i say, your not suppose to bribe the dog with trats your suppose to knoww how to take care of the dog, just saying. So if one of you people try this I wont stop you, the dog is only following you because of the treats not because he wants to listen to you.

  21. mrsmith100100
    | Reply

    wen i got my dog he used to try and rip his collar off so he could go home

  22. indyclone123
    | Reply

    should i wait to walk my puppy hes 9 weeks

  23. ozzyosbournefan666
    | Reply

    at the beginning you can just see a dog behind them shitting

  24. patrickcramer
    | Reply

    Another alternative way to walk but the best way not to be dragged is actually leading the walk and not just give the dog a cookie just because he’s on your side. He’s not thinking you’re the leader when he does that way, he’s just expecting to get a cookie. Place the leash on top of the neck, right behind the ears, make him seat and start walking in front of him. If he try to overtake you, seat him again and try the process again. Whoever goes in front is the leader. That’s how dogs think.

  25. tyler32488
    | Reply

    @patrickcramer: Doesn’t the dog show submission by doing what the leader wants to get the treat. If the dog thought it was the leader it would never submit.

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