Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Sit

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to train your dog to sit on command in this free video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. HeteyU
    | Reply

    0:49, look at that white dog.

  2. FaerytaleMalice
    | Reply

    I have an itty-bitty chihuahua. When they’re used to having to stand on two legs to get things taller than them, this doesn’t work as well. Instead of sitting, she’d just stand so she could reach the treat.

  3. tigreslokos
    | Reply

    hahaha the little white thing in the back, lol

  4. cherrycocaine333
    | Reply

    these videos are very helpful I can now get my dogs to sit and roll over just takes some time to get it done

  5. taliax2010
    | Reply

    my dog listens to me and after i go for another treat for the next treat he doesnt listen.

  6. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    Dude, there’s nothing to be proud of if your dog just sits before you even ask him too. You’ve just never used Random Reinforcement. whenever you begun your training, you always cued Bear sit, thats why he knows your gonna cue him sit again, thats why he sat in advance…

  7. tyleranthonyryan
    | Reply

    my dog doesnt listen he just stares at the treat but dont move n sits after like 5 min of looking at it. how do i make it sit when i say sit

  8. MegaHacker11
    | Reply

    wow my dog is so lazy :@

  9. CantMakeZzzzs
    | Reply

    my dog jumps for the treat . . . . instead of following it . . . .

  10. Hoem86
    | Reply

    would’ve been nice to see the tecnique on a dog that doesnt sit before you start the comand :p

  11. cjdog369
    | Reply

    hahaha this is a joke the dog sits befor he even says anything……

  12. supervets360
    | Reply


  13. LukesTUTORIALS
    | Reply

    i kmnow hillarious when the white one just strolls past in the background LOL

  14. craigfire81
    | Reply

    lol the other dog comes in lol he wants to be the star of the show

  15. TheKobie50
    | Reply

    ssamee here my dogg jumps too

  16. Althing79
    | Reply

    I know this works but I just rescued a 3 or 4 year old female german shephard and she’s not taking to it very well. I’m sure she’ll get it. If my retarded lab can do it she sure as hell should be able to.

  17. TTR125Rider1995
    | Reply

    my lab must be completely retarded, she doesn’t sit, lay down, and when i try to play fetch she doesn’t even look at the toy 🙁

  18. matikzgmajne
    | Reply

    mine 2 😀

  19. daggerz101
    | Reply

    tried this with my dog, it literally stands on two feet and has its head back for about 5 seconds

  20. 500Wolfman
    | Reply

    when i puch on my dogs but he wont budge, i think he is slow

  21. Noguts100
    | Reply

    my chihuaha iscompletely mental, it takes the command as a bad thing and it just goes to her bed, but see sits when i feed her and she doesntsit when the food is at her nose leaned back( 3 year old dog) if you think shes mental, just vote thumbs up

  22. ReTards0NLY
    | Reply

    @TTR125Rider1995 just work with it miine just passed away but was a great dog when trained

  23. TwistedBennett
    | Reply

    @TTR125Rider1995 Haha.

  24. lironbc
    | Reply

    @daggerz101 like 20 seconds for me

  25. ramramos
    | Reply

    i realy can see causr of the writing on your screen,,,, 🙁

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