Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Shake

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn to train your dog to shake in this free dog training video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. nutsack666
    | Reply

    say no in a calm assertive voice and show her that you are boss by pushing the muzzle away.

  2. sosododo132
    | Reply

    my dog she’s crying all the what can i do??

  3. xoangx0
    | Reply

    thats a great dog! hes a beauty!

  4. drdad1
    | Reply

    Thanks, I just got a new lab/greyhound mix, very smart & trainable, now we have a new trick!

  5. Ex1stID
    | Reply

    Not only is the the poor GSD not enjoying it, but he’s actively avoiding and trying to walk away from the trainer. Notice everytime he tries to pat the dog on the head he pulls away. Some dogs simply don’t like for people to pat them on the head and this “expert” trainer can’t even see that? Somethings wrong with that picture

  6. dogwhisperer2
    | Reply

    YOUR DOG IS CONFLICTED<CONFUSED< AND IN A STATE OF AVOIDANCE! you constantly manipulate your dog with force! You constantly pull,tug, and use leash tension all wrong! You are the one that needs some training!! GET A CLUE.. go seek the help of a behaviorist..please quit making these torturing videos!


  7. snowball1988
    | Reply

    i work with animals and occationally dogs and something about this video unsettles me……something doesnt seem right, i dont think the dog likes it one bit!

    and yeh, patting/touching a dog on the head shown dominance so they dont always like it, depending on who it is

  8. xTashaBaybe
    | Reply

    My shih tzu knows this, but does it only when “he” wants to. =]

  9. DogsAreMyBestFriends
    | Reply

    He’s LAME!
    BLOODY SHOWS OFF Jim Leske is an Animal Behaviorist & Trainer, he has worked as a Zoo keeper, Veterinary Assistant, Riding Instructor, as well as a Behaviorist & trainer.

  10. booksponge1991
    | Reply

    ha ha, my shih tzu is exactly the same. Unless i have something he wants, i can say shake all i want and all he’ll do is look at me, as if to say “suuuurreeeeee, just as soon as there’s something in it for me…”

    who knew dogs could be so like human beings…

  11. polywoly15
    | Reply

    aww you guys are lucky. my shi tzu does it whenever i lift up my hands. even when i’m not even trying to shake his paws. it gets annoying sometimes when i’m trying to teach him a new trick.

  12. booksponge1991
    | Reply

    lol, yeah my shih tzu does that too! With roll over. All i do is hold up a piece of bread and there he goes…

  13. bignatwolffan
    | Reply

    cool trick

  14. ShadowRougeDemon6
    | Reply

    this guy needs to calm down and give the dog some space… he keeps tugging and pulling the dog towards him with the leash and the dog constantly wants to move away…

    cant he see that the dog is uncomfortable with being pat, stroked and touched too much?

    …and a leash is only ment to keep you dog from running off or walking too far away from you… for the dogs safety, not to restrict the dog from moving…

  15. 1ewoods3
    | Reply

    I hate it when anthropomorphic people like you act like you know what the dog is thinking. In case u didn’t notice, the guy is TRAINING the dog. The goal of training an animal is to have it do what the trainer wants. If an animal is wondering off then is is probably distracted from the exercise at hand. The leash is simply being used to keep the dog on task.

  16. aaartnaz
    | Reply

    not a helpful video

  17. john1986ts19
    | Reply

    this guy dnt av a clue

  18. billkazb
    | Reply

    can you train my penis to go inside your mouth and stay erect?

  19. WhiteGermanShepherds
    | Reply

    Plz stop tugging his leash, poor dog and plz stop dog training, you obviously have no clue of what your doing…

  20. RicanMan16
    | Reply

    dogs really enjoy this my ass that dog looks miserable looks like hes about to piss on the trainers face

    • Rick
      | Reply

      I agree, he looked fine at the beginning, but once he got the toy, he was afraid he was going to take it away. I would advise most people not to approach this dog if he has a toy in his mouth.

  21. eleguaaugele
    | Reply

    This dog’s body language is that of chronic discomfort and fear. It has the look of an animal that has been abused.

  22. xMystikShadowx
    | Reply

    lol uh…the dog doesn’t act like he’s been abused and he’s not “tugging” at his leash. Attend obedience classes and learn a few things. I have seen abuse and tugging on leashes, this is neither. He knows what he’s doing. The dog is content…all dogs are different and react do different situations…like a person. Read some books on this shit before you comment and learn about training dogs before you open your mouths.

  23. Ultrascale
    | Reply

    @eleguaaugele No it isn’t, he’s calm, where do you even learn that?

  24. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    @Ex1stID In obedience training, most dogs learn to walk behind the owner to end up on their side, that’s what this GSD was doing. After a correct performance of the command, and being rewarded, he went back to his place by walking around the owner and heeling.
    The only avoiding I saw was caused by the dog being tired, it looked very hot out there and its tongue was hanging out. Not sure how many videos they had done already that day.

  25. reob12
    | Reply

    me and my brother were once amazed cause my brother said shake to my dog and he did but the dog doesnt do it most of the time

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