Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Rollover

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn to train your dog to rollover in this free video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. infedal
    | Reply

    try using another type of lure maybe switch up his treat or toy

  2. IndianSettler
    | Reply

    Almost my ass man, you really get on my nerve dude. You can’t do some tricks then cover it up by saying almost.

  3. IndianSettler
    | Reply

    Sir, you have no dog training skills. You just speak English, that the only plus point you have.

  4. IndianSettler
    | Reply

    On the last trick, it was his left hand that he used to push on dogs front right leg.

  5. IndianSettler
    | Reply

    I don’t think you should reward him while you cheated. Because then the dog will get used to be cheated on and he will expect you to push him before even the dog starts rolling.

  6. bellapink333
    | Reply

    my dog wont go on its side, its just following the treat

  7. c0c0456
    | Reply

    jajaja once the dog got the toy, didn’t care about anything else jajaja.

    He was like “see you, thanks for the toy…”

  8. nataliawasilewska97
    | Reply

    he didn’t really helped with training.

  9. terrysan
    | Reply


  10. wogify
    | Reply

    lmao! thats what my puppy does too:P

  11. thebiggunn08
    | Reply

    indiansettler you’re a moron, and you never settled….sold new york for a couple beads……….lmao

  12. MrDeckard1138
    | Reply

    Here’s a good piece of advice: check out a REAL dog training guide instead –> tinyurl . com / ycjomhz

  13. anyvids51
    | Reply

    wtf no one teached my dog but when i came back from my friends house.then i would cal her she would run very fast and lay down on her back i dont know why lmao.

  14. Shieldy12
    | Reply

    hahaha, the dog was like “fuck this shit, I’m outta here, cheap bastard using a broken toy to treat me”

  15. me2cool8
    | Reply

    expert village sucks!

  16. jcgrayg19
    | Reply

    grats after your “rollover” he gets up and walks off with the toy… I wonder who is dominate

  17. Pavleavrilfulldude
    | Reply

    all the way,all the way,all the way.. .ALMOST… lol

  18. reob12
    | Reply

    wow at first i thought that you had to get the dogs attention and you to rollover and tell the dog to do the same thing

  19. xgamextra100
    | Reply

    stupid trainer

  20. ClubPenguiner1
    | Reply

    @anyvids51 do you pat her stomache? maybe thats why 😉

  21. anyvids51
    | Reply

    @ClubPenguiner1 no i just called her! like ” Hey (then The name of coursce) Come here.. ( in a happy way) she would run to me at full speed! 1 thing i like about that dog is that she barks at people but dont bite! shes 5 years old! stillactive!

  22. tartanqueen52
    | Reply

    I really like his positive reinforcement and that he didn’t use a dog that already knows how to roll over. Good trainer, good dog!

  23. carolinesalha
    | Reply

    Fail, you pushed him. Simple to see. Not a very good tip anyway.

  24. girlieplb
    | Reply

    ever had a dog?

  25. MrPurrPurr
    | Reply

    @carolinesalha didint you listen
    he said that you need to cheat a little bit ok?
    got ears?

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