Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Relax

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn how to teach your dog to relax in this free video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. homane13
    | Reply

    this guy is werid

  2. MachitoMaldito
    | Reply

    this guy is both weird and wired

  3. MachitoMaldito
    | Reply

    this is very silly to me – training something to relax… very strange…

  4. MachitoMaldito
    | Reply

    maybe his dog is retarded and hasn’t learned how to relax yet? GOOD BOY! VERY GOOD! vair, vair, vair good job

  5. orangcurl
    | Reply

    Nothing wrong with this dog(other than its dodgie american show line back legs) but I do question this trainers method.If you can’t communicate in the language of cannine then hows it going to understand anything you ask of it?

  6. ibtnm25
    | Reply

    What the hell, the dog is relaxing clown.

  7. KIBAfang90
    | Reply

    just to say my dog needs the relaxe command to, only in public, if im like out tanning with friends and i want my dog to relaxe i say down but she will only take a tense consintraited down not a relaxed down…thats bad if shes out for 7 hours at and she wont even relaxeand im going to take her out for agility later that day. she needs to know she doesnt always need a supreme down, she can relax.

  8. dogwhisperer2
    | Reply

    I have watched all of your videos and you are really creating a confused dog..

    anyone with any intelligence can see that!

    I could not relax around you.

    I am so tense right now!!!
    I am also confused that u call urself an “EXPERT”


  9. snowball1988
    | Reply

    i agree, i have worked with dogs and i dont think the dog in these clips ‘respects’ the trainer…he seems like he is trying to escape half the time! something about the trainer i cant stand!

  10. ryansur
    | Reply

    my pit does this and it isnt trained piece of crab video

  11. Methylcloroisothiaz1
    | Reply

    your pit?

  12. ladybugev
    | Reply


  13. TheJesse456
    | Reply



  14. manemojmi
    | Reply

    dog does not understand what this guy want from him…and a trainer is to much in a frontal position, he doesn’t move well so he is making work harder….

  15. Mingelssiel
    | Reply

    the dog just doesn’t know what the guy wants from him. But that’s normal, if you see what kind of trainer he is.

  16. KBadtower
    | Reply

    As a Proffessional Trainer. I find this silly. Also, how does he call himself an “Expert” when he has to guide the dog to each and every position with his hand? I only have to give my dogs the command and they do it, even from a distance.

  17. IndianSettler
    | Reply

    I am not in the military so I would like to know what exactly are you talking about?

  18. IndianSettler
    | Reply

    Very good boy? He seems a worry boy.

  19. jhdarcy24
    | Reply

    The dog is happy, focused on the trainer and is already relaxed. In no way does this “trainer” understand this dog and the dog by no means understands what the guy is asking him to do.

  20. ireneesunflower
    | Reply

    dont spam!!

  21. yoyorick3
    | Reply

    every comment has “thumb down” 🙂

  22. JerrysPinay
    | Reply

    i think that these r only the begining steps to getting the dog into the relax position..i would like to see this trainer tell the dog to do i without the treat and without getting the dog excited after ‘relaxing’ because it defeats the purpose of getting him to relax when he is going to praise him in an excited way..completely wrong

  23. michaelangelo2613
    | Reply


  24. antimong
    | Reply


  25. Darky2oo5
    | Reply

    nice xD the dog wanted to do the shake for some reason

    the dog is like ” what what .. what u want me to do .. give me the damn treat and get the hell of here” xD

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