Basic Dog Obedience Training Myths & Tips : How to Crate Train a Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn how to crate train a dog or puppy, and why they like it with tips from a dog trainer in this free video clip. Expert: Carlos Puentes Contact: Bio: Carlos Puentes is the owner of K-9 Solutions, Inc. His company is a professional Dog Training Service in Miami, Fl. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. kookycrisp01
    | Reply

    Pointless towards the title, but an OK video.

  2. configured
    | Reply

    Whats with the chocker chain? I thought positive training was a better alternative on these types of devices. Is ADPT really the right way to go? That is whom you represent in one of your videos, isn’t it? I guess I will have to contact them to find out what this is really all about. Even though you do have a valid point in your statements, I do hope people do find out how to get there dog used to a create before using one. It is a comfort zone for them when done proplerly.

  3. grandajoe69
    | Reply

    he should be put in the crate not the dog

  4. IloveDogTraining
    | Reply

    Obediance training is so important reward not punish

  5. jpimping1314
    | Reply

    the dog was like man i have been waiting to get in this crate for years shit 1:05

  6. babegotback21
    | Reply

    that dog was so ready to go in dat crate like man can i go in know

  7. 666Angelfuck
    | Reply

    i think people need to be trained on how much time a dog should go into a crate,,i think crates are good for training only,,they should not be used as a cage for people that dont want to spend tine with there dog.

  8. adasdghjhgjgh
    | Reply

    Need to marry you ****

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