Basic Beginner Parrot Training~Cockatiels~Parakeets~Large Parrots Requested by:Jenna king

In this video I show you the foundation of how to train your parrot. With the holidays coming around this video will be a vital message to those who receive …

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45 Responses

  1. Vinod Lal
    | Reply

    i got a cockatiel

  2. Deepak Eapen
    | Reply

    Good video mate, but can you show when does this target training put to
    actual use?

  3. Tatyana Teru
    | Reply

    hey! what is the use of “target” with a chopstick?

    | Reply


  5. Ivana M
    | Reply

    Great video! :)

    | Reply

    You are AWESOME! I am SO impressed with you! You are so professional and
    have a great “stage” presence.
    I just got 2 new parakeets – I have 23 yrs of bird experience (i own a
    macaw and a cockatoo and have had keets before) but the 2 new keets I got
    are SO skittish and afraid it has been a month now and they freak out each
    time I clean their cage or change out their water and food. I cannot take
    them out as they fly wildly and drash into walls (I lost a keet a few years
    ago to a broken neck when he crashed in a wall, so I know the danger. Can
    you give me ANY advice about where to start to train my new keets – should
    I just get them used to me and click when they don’t move away, or click
    when they come closer to me instead and scurrying away? I need advice!
    Thanks in advance! 

  7. Swooped
    | Reply

    Cool video man. I’m planning on getting a cockatiel soon and this will be
    very helpful. :]

  8. Fanimal Central ~ HD
    | Reply

    yay bird training videos

  9. Amir Khan
    | Reply

    Yo this training method is goin well with my parrot he follows the stick
    everywhere now how do you get him to trust you an stay on you finger when
    you go anywhere

  10. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    OMG that’s Awesome!!! Yup, food is motivational.. For us all! Lol! But it’s
    okay if he’s mostly food motivated as long it’s something that motivates
    him but do remember that food is the only reward toys and wood chews work
    too :). They probably aren’t better than food though! Everyone just loves
    food! But if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask! Enjoy your day and
    happy training 😀

  11. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Have you lost your mind?! How dare you have the audacity to try to direct
    my viewers that I worked hard to earn to a video that you solely believe is
    better! But I’ll leave your comment because you don’t even have the right
    link lol! Hilarious!

  12. Juan miguel Palo
    | Reply

    is your cockatiel wild or tame?

  13. PetLover091
    | Reply

    First to view First to like First to favorite And first to comment! I feel
    so special!! Haha!

  14. Amir Khan
    | Reply

    Ill try this

  15. Haley Ginn
    | Reply

    Could you do a video on where to get a cockatiel because I can’t find a
    breeder, and I want to find a young, tame, kind, cheap, and smart
    cockatiel. Where it will be healthy

  16. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    so the best perch is basically every perch. This is because you need a
    variety of perches for your bird. My birds have what i basic or regular
    perches and Rocky has a natural perch with he never uses and Rowen has a
    comfy perch which he rarely uses. They also have thin perches that have
    sort of like lines going through them im not sure lol but yea you could
    really use all types of perches however ive heard bad things about sand
    perches so im not really sure about those. Just research b4…

  17. Sspitfire
    | Reply

    What dd Breana said? I’m curious!

  18. Rosiebunneh
    | Reply

    Your soo helpful!! I need to get my nanas bird Duke in training haha :’)

  19. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    nope all paper is great i mean don’t go searching for this sharp paper at
    staples or something just regular copy paper or newspaper is fine. After
    all, its what they poop on. haha The cutting has never happened to my birds
    and ive never heard of an incident like this because birds naturally chew
    and since the paper is so easy and fun to chew they are drawn to it. Like
    you said they do it anyway Rocky finds things all the time like my h.w. and
    other papers. …

  20. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Well, Thank you for your question and it will be further answered in Q To
    The A Day! My current answer is you could go on petfinder or like look it
    up and maybe yahoo answers will have something there are also bird forms
    and stuff. However it depends on the bird you are looking for and your
    location but yes I will do a video on it it will go in the request box!

  21. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Awesome! Glad to see you made it here! Just take things slow and just know
    that success is right around the corner! Literally.. just turn the corner
    Lol! Jk but your bird will be letting him holding you for long periods of
    time and petting him in no time! 🙂

  22. Sspitfire
    | Reply

    Obviously it’s wrong! And thank you for replying! 😀

  23. sk8tagirl1
    | Reply


  24. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Lol! Thank you very much!

  25. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Your welcome dude! Thanks!

  26. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    I apologize for the inconvinience but it has been 1 week and you have not
    replied to me. Your comment will now be deleted. Have a nice day.

  27. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Wow! That must be an amazing parrot but before I even got to read about
    her.. it ws flagged as spam. If you want to advertise ask me first please.
    Thank you! Have an amazing day!

  28. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Well it really depends on which type of bird you are referring to and your
    definition of easy. If you have the time materials and patience it can be
    easy but if you don’t have that it can be pretty frustrating but making
    your birds happy will make you over joyous and there is no feeling like
    having a trained bird! SO if you are determined and persistent it can be
    easy but no its not easy it takes time and you have to be in it to win it!
    🙂 Good luck its not that hard!

  29. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    But to tell the truth I even used a pen when I first started training but I
    eventually got a clicker so hope I helped an thank you again for your
    comment 🙂

  30. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Thank you!!! I WILL 😀

  31. Akhil Vashist
    | Reply

    hi i liked your video very much.i have few questions to ask: 1 i live in
    india so i dont think clickers are available here so what could i use
    insted of a clicker ? 2 i have 4 parakeets (budgies)and i am facing problem
    in taming them and taking them out of the cage.plz help.

  32. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Hey glad to see your working on it! Well you can’t be too forceful and
    don’t allow training to be boring. A reward isn’t only a treat it can be a
    chew toy or anything really that is safe and your bird likes. Just make
    sure that training is fun, not work for your bird or else they won’t want
    to do it. Also keep training short 15 minutes tops! Then stop and start
    again in about an hour or so. It doesn’t have to be a full hour just make
    sure that it’s a break in between training!:)Good Luck!

  33. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    WOW First, that’s an amazing thing to say and it means more than you think
    and to I said WOW when I read this because I actually want to be a teacher
    not necessarily a bird trainer but more like an acting, or English teacher!
    To answer your question you can definitely use a pen that clicks it’s just
    that the clicker is louder and makes a more unique and loud sound however
    the controversy comes in with the pen because you will click that all the
    time and your bird may get confused

  34. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Hi I am really sick and tired of answering this question and I understand
    that you aren’t trying to be mean but what in the world would it do to you
    if I was or was not gay. How would you be affected? So my sexuality is none
    of yours or others business and I am sad its come down to that.

  35. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    OMG!!!! I am SOO HAPPY 4 U!!! Your patience was well rewarded! Yes! Same
    with Rowen the beak’s force has decreased much! Your ever SOO welcome!!! 😀

  36. Merry Christmas
    | Reply


  37. nintendogs2012
    | Reply

    Do u need a clicker/pen ?

  38. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Introduce a new toy as soon as the old one is old or raggedy or messed up
    ya know lol umm yea if he chews it and if its not shreddable then just
    change it after a few wekks because you never want your bird to be bored.
    yea the treat thing is a cool idea Your extremely welcome if you have any
    further questions PM me also all of your questions will be answered in a
    more in-depth response in the November Q To The A

  39. nintendogs2012
    | Reply

    Aaaaaaawwwww rowen is so cute btw plus great video

  40. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Your very welcome but Thank You!!! I am SOO GLAD I could help ya!

  41. indra sukmadian
    | Reply

    thank you bro, your vid is very helpfull

  42. xMarc102HDx
    | Reply


  43. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply

    Hey! What’s up! Well to answer your question you have to love your
    cockAtiel first and want to train him/her. You have to want this. When you
    do start allowing your bird to get treats from your hand and let him learn
    what a clicker is. Then continue to go through regular training like
    targeting Etc and soon enough your teil will love you :). Hope I helped if
    you have a more specific question ill be more than happy to answer. Thank
    you for commenting and viewing 🙂

  44. ProfessionalPets
    | Reply


  45. Taz Maqsood
    | Reply

    Hi can anyone help me please i have recently brought a Indian ring-neck
    about 20 weeks old i have had him for a week everytime i go near him or
    open the cage he flys away, he doesnt eat from my hand and is very quite
    … all help will be appreciated.

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