Bark Busters Dog Training Tips for Bringing Home a Puppy – Steve Dell

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Bark Busters dog trainer Steve Dell has tips for bringing home a new puppy.

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. maripilar74
    | Reply

    NEVER get a dog from a Pet Store!! 100% of those puppies come from puppy mills!!

  2. TiaBun91
    | Reply

    thats where most people make mistakes when they buy or adopt a puppy. they don’t take into concideration how big they might get. if you want a large dog then you’ll be satisfied i’d hope. you just saw the puppy and didn’t know what type of dog it was just that s/he is cute you’ll be in trouble. looking at they’re feet is a good hint. big feet big dog. vice versa

  3. Tumbokon1999
    | Reply

    adopt dont shop (pet stores)

  4. Snowflake4931
    | Reply

    What are puppy mills??

  5. robstar18
    | Reply

    Puppy mills are puppy farms, where dogs live there whole life caged up used to just make puppys to sell on

  6. Tony Franko
    | Reply

    If you want to view and read some newer dog training information check out this guys website. I started receiving their newsletter and they give out some very useful information for free. This trainer Gerard Raneri even spent 20 minutes on the phone with me for free!

    I was having aggression issues with a young puppy I saved. Food aggression was the main issue. Gerard Raneri’s advice saved this puppy and helped her to become a sweet, happy puppy and now an adult dog. Gerard took 2 calls from knowing I was not able to hire him, knowing I lived way too far. I had to give him prorps for great advice. You guy should check out his youtube sites and website. He’s not some polished TV guy, he has real life suggestion. Anyway good luck and help save a dog today. Tony

  7. Tony Franko
    | Reply

    I guess I didn’t post the website. It’s “dog training tucsonaz . Com”. I didn’t realize sorry! It’s a fun and useful site. Tomy

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