Baby with Pitbull Video

You know it really bugs me when people say things like, “All pitbulls are bad around kids” or “No pitbulls should ever be around children.”

The majority of my pitbull experiences have been with them around kids. I’m working on putting together some of the pictures that I have of my kids with pits, but for now, here’s one of some “action” captured the other day.

It’s a “vicious” pitbull with a 6 month old baby. Actually, the pitbull was born just a month before the baby that is in the video with him. You tell me who’s doing the “attacking” in this video.

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  1. Rosaland Robello
    | Reply

    I totally agree. We have always had pitbulls around my grandchildren, and they are great. Don and I have two, a pure black named Baby and an american brindle, nice video.
    from aunty Roz. Very nice website.!

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