Baby rats learning tricks (spin and paw)

Cloud working on spins, and Scrap giving me his paw (pushing a button for food, heh). They’re a little over five weeks in this video, and so cute! I’m using bits of cheerios as treats, and trying to use clicker training with my mouth. They’re probably wondering why they have to do silly things for yummies.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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17 Responses

  1. Alieena Amos
    | Reply

    What's the best treat I could use for my baby rats? My mom rat had ten babies and I get to keep two. Because the mom is getting really old. She was pregnant when I go her. But any way I'm trying to train my babies but no foods I use interest them. But mom is interested in cereal I taught her how to spin and to jump with cereal.

  2. Shadow The Rat
    | Reply

    Their adorable! And so smart to!

  3. squirrelfry
    | Reply

    I used to take one of my rats to class too! Same thing, he would just sleep through it. =D

  4. Josiah Zacharias
    | Reply

    I had two baby rats for a couple months and I was astounded at how fast they learned. My rats were potty-trained from day one–they only had a couple hiccups but for the most part I could put them in my sweater pocket and take them to class, and they would just nap. Between class I'd go outside, let them take a piss on the grass, then they'd crawl back up into my pocket for my next class. Unbelievable.

  5. squirrelfry
    | Reply

    For this video, I broke up cheerios into little bits. They're pretty happy to eat any human food. Yogies are great too!

  6. TamsynzVlogz
    | Reply

    Brownie there is two look closely

  7. XxxMohawkKittyxxX
    | Reply

    Awe so cute

  8. Nikolatte254
    | Reply

    Totally going to share this on my rat lovers page on facebook :3 Rat Lovers Galore

  9. iMyChemicalRomanceX
    | Reply

    @hyperkilia if he's gonna be alone, best play with him a lot.

  10. Tey and Takoda -KiliaArts
    | Reply

    No I got him from a pet shop, but the people there hold their rats. I would get a friend for him but my mum HATES rats and I was barely allowed him.

  11. squirrelfry
    | Reply

    Sounds like your rat is already pretty tame. You can probably start teaching him tricks. Some rats come scared and take a while to even come to you. Did you get yours from a breeder? Also, I recommend getting him a friend; rats get lonely when they're by themselves!

  12. Tey and Takoda -KiliaArts
    | Reply

    Ok then thank.

    Roughly how long does it take for them to gain their trust? my rat eats out of my hand and licks yoghurt of my fingers and he also climbs on to my arm.

  13. squirrelfry
    | Reply

    I'm no expert, but I imagine it's much easier to teach a tame rat tricks. After all, if they're scared of you, they probably won't be motivated to learn tricks. Gain their trust first!

  14. Tey and Takoda -KiliaArts
    | Reply

    Do rats need to be fully hand tame to be able to teach them tricks?
    As I want to train my 7 week old rat but I only just got him yesterday?

  15. squirrelfry
    | Reply

    Yep, but just making the sound myself – saves money and leaves an extra free hand!

  16. 화랑
    | Reply

    Are u using Clicker training

  17. cheshirecatmind
    | Reply

    Oh they are getting so good at this! Before you know it they will be spinning and pawing even without treats.

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