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Halloween Activities with Horses

Don't let dogs have all the fun this Halloween! It's easy to organize a Halloween activity with horses at your boarding stable or even a public equestrian area. Kids who ride can enjoy safe Halloween … [Read more...]

When to Clip Your Horse for the Winter

It's getting cold already in many areas, and horse owners are wondering when it's time to start clipping for the winter. Horses that remain in moderate to heavy work during the winter months should  … [Read more...]

Training Dogs to Wear a Halloween Costume

Many pet parents enjoy dressing their dogs in Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, dogs tend not to enjoy the activity quite as much as their humans do! Introduce a Halloween costume to your dog slowly … [Read more...]

Feeding Senior Dogs

As dogs age, their nutritional needs change. Conventional wisdom about feeding senior dogs calls for lower levels of protein and fat, with additional fiber and ingredients to support the joints. … [Read more...]

Helping Homeless Pet Parents

Many homeless individuals, whether temporarily or chronically homeless, own dogs, cats or both. In some areas of the United States, nearly one in four homeless persons owns a pet. The unconditional … [Read more...]

Solutions for Cat Acne

Ok, ok, stop, before you laugh at this post title and click away, give me a chance to explain. Yes, cats get acne. Little pimples on a cat's chin and sometimes the nose or eyebrow region are part of … [Read more...]

Frugal Pet Parenthood: Buying in Bulk, Co-Ops and More

Pet parents who are pinching pennies in these lean economic times should take advantage of opportunities to save by ordering in large quantities, whether by buying individually in bulk or by … [Read more...]

Blending Households with Pets

When two people move in together, dozens of issues must be considered: Furniture, sharing rent and utilities, schedules, grocery shopping, closet space, chores, laundry.... with so much to focus on, … [Read more...]

Dealing with "Rescue Drama" (Part Two)

In Part One of this blog series, we looked at why animal rescue involves so many personal conflicts. We also addressed the use of active listening to make critics feel heard, defusing potentially … [Read more...]

Dealing with "Rescue Drama" (Part One)

There's a saying I've heard from many people involved in pet rescue and adoption: "The only thing two animal rescuers can ever agree upon is that the third is going about it all wrong."  It's worth a … [Read more...]

Adopted an Obese Senior Dog… What Now?

A friend of mine recently adopted a seriously overweight senior dog. He's a good-natured animal very much deserving of a forever home, but his new owner, who is accustomed to focusing on preventing … [Read more...]

Group Riding Lessons Versus Private Instruction

When enrolling in horseback riding lessons, one must choose between group lessons and private instruction.  Each instructional method has advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, most riders should … [Read more...]

Animal Shelter Fundraiser Ideas

Animal shelters and rescues are struggling financially due to the current recession. Creative fundraisers can help your favorite organization stand out among the many worthy groups currently vying for … [Read more...]

Finding a Well-Adjusted Shelter Dog

Recently, I've heard several potential dog owners express concerns about the behavioral health of dogs adopted from shelters. While it's true that some shelter dogs have serious behavioral issues  … [Read more...]

Rat Bedding Choices

As a rat owner of over three years now, I've spent a lot of time and energy searching for the perfect bedding. It doesn't seem to exist just yet, but I've found some bedding products that work well … [Read more...]

When Pet-Owning Students Leave for College

It's back  to school time, and that means many Freshman students entering college will leave pets behind. While some campuses offer pet-friendly dorms, they're still the exception to the rule, and … [Read more...]

How to Tell if Your Dog Has an Ear Infection

Ear infections are common in dogs, particularly those that eat a low-quality diet with too many sources of carbohydrates and too little digestible protein. Mild ear infections are easily treated with … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Michael Vick's Return to the NFL

Well,  Michael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle now, and despite protests from the team's fans and other Philly residents, it looks like the team is committed to keeping him for the foreseeable future. … [Read more...]

Labor Day Safety for Pets

It's almost Labor Day and families throughout the United States are planning mini-vacations, barbecues and other celebrations for the three-day weekend ahead. Holiday gatherings can be fun for the … [Read more...]

Best Age to Adopt a Puppy

Is it better to adopt a younger puppy than an older one? Many states prohibit the sale of puppies under eight weeks old, but the myth persists that a puppy will bond more closely with its owner if … [Read more...]

Taking Dogs to the Beach

Most dogs love to accompany their owners to the beach. There are even surfing competitions for dogs! If your dog isn't fond of surfing, he'll still enjoy running along the sand or splashing in the … [Read more...]

Taking Your Dog to Cafes

Every dog lover smiles upon seeing a happy pooch parked outside a cafe or bistro with his owner, lying under a table or sitting on his own chair to smile at passers-by. But how do you get your own dog … [Read more...]

Dogs and Mental Illness (Part Two)

We learned in Part One that many dog owners have reported that their dogs experience symptoms similar to those seen in humans with mental illness. We also looked at depression and anxiety as specific … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Have Mental Illnesses? (Part One)

Dogs and humans suffer from many physical illnesses that can also be contracted by humans. Cancer, pneumonia and kidney failure are common causes of death in both dogs and humans. But can dogs and … [Read more...]

Choosing a Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

You probably only bathe your dog at most once every other week. More frequent baths strip the coat of oils needed for it to remain healthy with continual exposure to the weather. If a shampoo and … [Read more...]

How to Stop Dogs from Begging at the Table

Nothing puts a person off their food like a begging dog. A wet nose on the knee followed by a puddle of drool isn't the least bit appetizing. Even if you don't mind your own dog begging at the table, … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Chew?

Pet owners expect dogs and puppies to chew, but it's somehow much more surprising when a cat starts chewing. Cats that chew often target books, lampshades, curtains and other similar household items. … [Read more...]

Choosing a Dog Daycare

Doggie daycare is a necessity for many busy pet owners. Even a placid dog doesn't do well if left alone all day five days every week, especially if the owner returns from work too tired for play and … [Read more...]

How to Memorialize a Pet

Losing a pet is never easy, but a creative and respectful memorial project can help bereaved owners work through their grief. Building or doing something beautiful in your pet's memory allows you to … [Read more...]

Tips for Flying with Pets

Flying with pets is often difficult and confusing. Not all airlines permit pets. Those that do have varying requirements as to which pets can fly and where they will travel. Costs also vary between … [Read more...]

Packing for a Road Trip with Dogs

Traveling by car with dogs can be fun, but it's also exhausting. I find packing for trips with my dog more frustrating than any other part of traveling with him. I always seem to forget something … [Read more...]

Compounding Rat Medications At Home

Have you ever struggled to get your rat to take his or her medicine? Pre-mixed medications for rats are often flavored to be appealing to cats or dogs or birds or hamsters, but leave rats wholly … [Read more...]

How to Find a Missing Cat

Yesterday we looked at what to do if your dog is missing. Many of the steps for finding a missing cat are the same, but we'll look at a few key differences between searching for a missing cat and a … [Read more...]