ASPCA Pet Commercial!! REALLY SAD!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

ASPCA pet commercial. The song is Arms Of A Angel. Subscribe!!!

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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23 Responses

  1. Dominoeffect101

    I love this commercial and the ppl who do this dont deserve to die they deserve to have time with the devil I mean these are GOD’S CREATURES he created for the good Lord’s sakes!!!

  2. CoRyNCooKiE

    @wuteve8 its not a waste of time. your an insensitive asshole! there r places all over 4 people to go and eat and sleep FOR FREE!! dumb ass

  3. lovektbug

    i can’t stand those animal abusers, both of my cats are rescued by my mom. Not to mention one of them was in a hit and run situation he lost his front right leg. I was about 8 at the time and i went into the room in the vets office and saw them unravel the wounded leg. I began to cry because I could still remember the look on my cat’s face as if he was saying “If I die, at least i get too see you one last time” he is still with me today and i love him so much 🙂

  4. flamingblaze208

    Omg Thats Horrible I Started Crying 🙁

  5. GeraldB526

    Dat is totally sad.

  6. markhinr

    Yes, that is a very manipulative commercial . . . and it’s put out by an organization who’s more committed to enriching the boss than helping animals. According to Charity Navigator, Edwin J. Sayres, the president of ASPCA pays himself an annual income of $473,998, which is 50 percent of their administrative costs. Check out CharityNavigator (dot) org for a list of the more worthy organizations out there helping animals, or donate to your local animal shelter.

  7. profoak1

    Imagine this being showed during the Super Bowl. As for the abusers, they need to be put in prison and never have the right to own animals.

  8. VioletteEstrella

    I want to beat those animal abusers! Beat the crap out of them! :'(

  9. MrDirkdirkdirk

    everyone donate this is much more important than saving children around the world give that dog food an african child dosent need food or water stupid ass peta following douches

  10. mrmike677

    how do i send a friend request? Also thansk Sara,but u should request help for all animals across Canada

  11. mrmike677

    funny how everyone seems to have forgotten what that peice of crap Michael Vick did,oh he can throw a football,i dropped the NFL package and burned my Eagles jersy the second he signed with them

  12. silvrwolf98

    @Swetie415 i’d say the same thing

  13. handshaker156

    OMG I was crying and at 1:37 with the cat putting it’s paw out i started sobbing!!!! 🙁

  14. BroncoFanForever1

    every one who causes all that pain for all these animals(dogs, cats, etc.)go to hell. and god bless the ASPCA. at least they know what these animals are going through…….all the pain, abuse, and ignorance.

  15. azndudefromhabbo


  16. robbiebratc

    @azndudefromhabbo why are you laughing this aint funny you idiot

  17. lpsrock1000

    im crying

  18. PauleQueenie

    how old is this video?

  19. tiannasbff

    @azndudefromhabbo NOT FUNNY!

  20. mooooo44

    Everytime this commercial comes on it makes me sad

  21. azndudefromhabbo

    idk why this makes me laugh so hard XD

  22. azndudefromhabbo

    @jonathanplaygame quit being such a butt pirate im sorry i hurt ur vagina

  23. Christie

    I’ve seen this commercial on Animal Planet before. It always makes me so weepy.